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Monday, January 2, 2012

Woody's 1/2 Marathon Training

Each Week Consists of: 1 Long Run, 1 Medium Run, 1 Strength/Stretch Day, 2-3 Cross Train Days (any exercise really), and 1-2 Rest Days [Open to interpretation and to how I am feeling during the week, some weeks might have 2 rest days, some weeks might only have 1]

Week 1: LR - 7km, MR - 3km
Week 2: LR - 8km, MR - 4km
Week 3: LR - 9km, MR - 5km
Week 4: LR - 10km, MR - 6km
Week 5: LR - 10km, MR - 6km
Week 6: LR - 11km, MR - 6km
Week 7: LR - 12km, MR - 7km
Week 8: LR - 12km, MR - 7km
Week 9: LR - 13km, MR - 7km
Week 10: LR - 14km, MR - 7km
Week 11: LR - 15km, MR - 7km
Week 12: LR - 15km, MR - 7km
Week 13: LR - 16km, MR - 8km
Week 14: LR - 17km, MR - 8km
Week 15: LR - 18km, MR - 8km
Week 16: LR - 18km, MR - 8km
Week 17: LR - 18km, MR - 8km
Week 18: LR - 19km, MR - 8km
Week 19: LR - 20km, Short Run - 5km
Week 20: WOODY's!

I was asked some questions about training... inside vs. outside running. I wish I could be of more assistance, but I trained during the summer for my other 1/2 marathon and I only picked up running last February, so I am a novice to the sport!

This year I purchased a nice pair of running leggings, a base layer, a middle layer, and I have a fleece for a top layer. I did my 7km run on Saturday, outside with Danielle. It was -4 out. It was actually a fantastic run! I don't think I will be able to run in more than -10... I am a huge baby. When that happens I will do my runs on the treadmill, and work in some intervals and speed training with them.

I stepped on the scale to a number I didn't like at all today. A number I don't really believe. 129.5lb. I know that is still a very acceptable weight and number, but I don't think I ate THAT much to gain THAT much weight. So I will weigh myself again next Monday, after a week of welcomed clean eating and hope to see something a bit more believable... maybe 126?

Happy first week of 2012!