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Sunday, January 29, 2012

When Dogs Attack.

So I live in this secluded subdivision on the outside of Red Deer. It is older, but has a nice, comfortable, family feel to it. I love running here. I can do 6 rounds and call er' 10km. Its great, and goes by quick. However, not everyone's yards are fenced.
I have been attacked by small dogs numerous times. The big ones, yeah they bark, but they don't leave the yard. The small ones (from many different houses) will chase me down, bite at my ankles, and growl and bark and scare the s*^& out of me. I have developed a legitimate small dog fear. I have even been attacked on a jog at the dog park.

I swear to god they can smell the fear in me. This is where they get their power from. Small dogs are fast. I certainly cannot out run them. For this reason my only defense, when one is coming at me and won't come down, is physical abuse. I have had to kick dogs away from me numerous times, because they won't calm down. This angers them more. It is freaking terrifying.

It has stopped me from running around my lovely block, because I tense up with anxiety that I am going to be attacked. This morning, with some nice weather, I decided I would attempt a run. No go. Halfway around my first loop a medium sized dog came running at me. Thank goodness I was able to calm him down with my melodious voice and coaxing "nice boy"'s. Still. Not. Fun.

I walked the rest of the way home, and grumpily got in my car to drive in to RD to do my run. Parked outside a gas station and plowed through the rest of my 10km. It was good. I think it will become a regular "starting point" for me. I have a few around town now, so I can mix up my routes but I look forward to the day when I own my own house, and can just gear up and head out the door.

On to other news.. I am sitting at 128lb this morning and that is okay by me. I am so happy with how I feel and what I have been eating. Still focusing on whole foods. Still looking forward to warmer days when all I want is only raw veggies & hummus :) for now, more comfort foods like chilli, stir fry and veggie roll ups, gotta have some warmth!

How do you balance out cold weather and eating?
I love salad, and raw veggies and hummus, but in the winter, I literally feel colder when I eat these foods. Is this just in my head? Any tips on how to include these types of meals more frequently are more than welcome!