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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday [2]

SO. I nearly forgot about WIAW. But no worries. I remembered last minute for my lunch and snapped the last delicious bite.

I was at the healthy living expo 2 weekends ago and I ended up winning a free body analysis (like body fat percentage and stuff like that). Today! I went for my first appointment. It was pretty cool actually. They took accurate measurements and entered them in to this program. They also took my height and weight (Staying strong at 127.5lb) and calculated my activity. After entering all the information they calculated my daily caloric requirements as well as my muscle mass : fat ratio. I am sitting at 24% (Healthy is 18-25%). He said that I was at the high end of the spectrum and to get down to the low end I would need to lose the 7ish pounds I gained. I am not looking to lose weight right now. I am trying to maintain and eat healthy. If I stay at the high spectrum, oh well. It is nice information to know, but right now I am just trying to find a healthy balance.

He also calculated that my calorie intake should be between 2000 and 2400 depending on the activity I do in a day. WOAH. I think that is way too much. My BMR according to their program is 1443, Specific Dynamic Action of Foods (How many calories my body burns by digesting) is 144, leaving my Resting Ending Expenditure (sum of BMR and SDA) is 1500. From there adding on my Activities of Daily Living (if I am moderatly active) is 400, and my Exercise calories is roughly 400 depending on the activity, that means I should be eating close to 2100 calories.

I don't think I burn that much in a day. I am not trying to count any calories. Just eat when I am hungry, stop when I am full. It is going really good so far!! I have created lots of healthy meals including Caitlin's Mexican Lasagna, Kristin's Pizza Rolls, Angela's Healthy Granola, and Stuffed Mushrooms! Some modifications worth noting: Adding quinoa, reducing the brown sugar, agave, and nut butter and upping the applesauce in the granola, this really reduced the sugar intake and upped the protein. Also used the Pizza roll idea to make BBQ rolls - Subbed in Ranch BBQ Sauce and Swiss cheese. The Lasagna is seriously one of the best things I have ever eaten. Matthias and I agreed that it is a new staple meal for us. I feel like I have eaten like a queen this week.

He also told me I needed to strengthen my back (Well, duh) and do more weight training (Another, Well, duh), but all in good time me thinks. I go back next week for my Fitness Test, so I will update you guys on that!

T-13 days till my first shift of my preceptorship. Pffft. Not. Getting. Nervous. At. All....     :|

Pictures of thy eats;
SCONE & A COFFEE WEDNESDAY! Featured this week: Raspberry. MMMMMmm
Post-Run Snackage
Lunch was a Veggie Quiche from Safeway. I needed to get something before my dentist appointment or else I would have starved. It was pretty good, in a pinch, I would buy it again.
Snack Numero 2. Also munched on a scoop of peanut butter and granola
This was awesome. I made Pizza Rolls filled with spinach, green pepper, onion, mushrooms, cheese and tomato sauce. On the side were canned beans. For dessert...... wait for it..... I used an extra wrapper and put in sliced up banana and PB2. Baked alongside the pizza rolls for a freaking banana spring roll. WTY. (What The Yum - New term, use it!)
Grazed on some mushrooms during the cooking of supper. As well as some chunks of pineapple chunks and raspberries throughout the day. I also enjoyed a second coffee (homemade with 1tbsp of Vanilla Creamer) but forgot to snap a pic! Shucks. If I get hungry a little bit later I will probably snack on an orange or some more fruit salad as it has almost hit its expiry.

Was a yummy day. Tomorrows breakfast includes Raspberry Peach Vanilla Protein Oats. I wish it were morning already.