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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mish Mash

Today is a great day for a post. I am getting a cold. I slept in late. Almost missed my Chiropractor Appointment. Oh, and my thighs and quads are still killing me from the bazillions of squats I did on Sunday's Super Circuit Class.

Perfectly good day :)

I have never been a big Eggnog fan. Working at Starbucks for 4 years and making hundreds of Eggnog latte's during Christmas Season, I have tried my fair share of the 'nog. Always thinking "This year it will be better," to no avail. Last week, on my last day of clinical, my field guide took me out for drinks. I overheard a waitress talking about their Eggnog drink special, and alas, my curiosity was sparked. I ordered one, but to lighten it up I ordered half milk. Here's the mix: 1/2 Eggnog, 1/2 Milk, 1/2 ounce Butter Ripple Schnapps, 1/2 ounce Baileys. ..................... Heaven in an alcoholic drink.

I downed two of those babies and was instantly hooked. Nog > Almond Milk. In every way possible. Including Calories lol.

Last night my 'nog craving needed to be satisfied. I needed to feed the beast. I went to Safeway and picked up some Light Eggnog. It took all my power not to drink it straight from the carton on the way home! I enjoyed a half cup last night, and poured some over some chocolate pudding for dessert (weird, but tasty), and this morning I added some to my Soy Coffee Misto. Tomorrow I am going to make Nog Oats for breakfast, and possibly splurge and get an Eggnog Smoothie from Booster Juice. I can only imagine how high in calories it is... so I am thinking a small size made with half 'nog half soy would be delicious and a little more waist line conscious? 

This post was originally titled "Living in Maintenance" but it has quickly turned to a mash up of everything. So lets continue with that.

I am looking forward to January 1st. I am going to start officially running again and training for the Woody's Half Marathon!! Running and I kind of broke up after the Dino Half... I just needed to do other things. I think I have run 6 times since September? Still been plenty active, just less running. But I am itching to hit the pavement treadmill (I am a baby who has declared I don't enjoy running in the elements), and start logging the miles.

I have really been reflecting on my 2011 Goals, specifically my 2011 word, Serenity.
"Happiness, Health, Confidence, Acceptance

This is what I want to focus on this year. I want to be happy, with myself, my relationships, my commitments, my life. I want to be healthy, to find that "Aha!" weight where I feel it all come together, where I don't constantly look in the mirror wondering if I look fat. I want to be confident, in my body, mind and soul, to take pride in my accomplishments and own them. And the most important one (in my opinion), I want to find acceptance of myself and my life, what it was, is, and what it will become."
Wow. Reading that makes it all click. I have searched for that for so long, and mid-June I found it. I don't remember the exact day. But I do remember thoughts like "I don't want to lose any more weight" and "If I could stay this size and shape forever I would be happy" (HAH! I know that isn't realistic, but it is pretty encompassing of accepting myself).

I totally own all of my accomplishments. I am so proud of everything I have done and all of the hard work that I put in to myself. It was a huge fucking struggle, not going to lie, but it has been worth every bead of sweet, every tear, every crazy-OCD thought.

Has my weight fluctuated? Yes. As I have posted before, lowest was 121.5, currently sitting at 123.5. Do my clothes still fit? Yes. Do I still maintain a decent activity level? Yes. Is the winter and cold weather harder to make this possible? Yes.

I was talking to Matthias last night about how in the summer I loved eating a big plate of raw veggies and hummus or a giant chilled salad, because the weather was warm and you could do that sort of thing. Now that I am not obsessing so much about my food choices I find that I am currently gravitating to warm comfort foods like chili, soup, anything to warm ma' belly. I think this is the way it goes though? I am still currently in a huge learning phase because this is the first winter-christmas-holiday season where I am at a goal weight hoping to maintain. It isn't about losing. It is about staying the same.

Reflecting on the previous months ... Summer was a piece of cake. Outside to work out, Walk the dogs for an hour a day. Of course I got down to 121.5! I was so flippin' active. Now, although I still work out 6 days a week, I am missing the hour long walks because of the cool weather. What I'd really love is a treadmill. I could walk and read, walk and watch tv, walk and cruise the net, you get the jist. Maybe that is what I will save for once I am a real nurse? :)

I am starting to plan my 2012 word... it needs to have something to do with Consistency, Happiness, Growth, Growing-Up (Hello Graduation and Real World Employment), and Love. Any ideas?

How have your resolutions been coming along? Yes, it is December, but you can make small steps towards them every day and accomplish something great in the next 25 days!
Are you starting to think about your 2012 resolutions?