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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Workout Buddy

I have, up until recently, always been a "loner" when working out. I never had anyone consistent that I could turn to, to come work out with me, join me on a run, ext... I trained for my half marathon alone, I ran all my long runs by myself, with only me as motivation.

This has only stopped me from going to the gym/doing a workout a handful of times this last year. I am good about getting my physical activity in. It is not a struggle any more to just get up and go, it has become a habit and it is hard for me to take a day of "rest".

A few weeks ago during Sunday Super Circuit (HELLO favorite class, EVER!) we were asked to partner up while going through the circuits. I was partnered up with a young woman and we proceeded to work through the stations. We would offer each other little snippets of motivation like "Almost done!" and "Push through it girl." It was pretty awesome. About half way through we started chatting about running and weight loss. Turns out we had quite a lot in common. At the end of our workout we exchanged emails and agreed that we would see each other at next weeks class.

For the last 4 classes we have pushed each other, encouraged each other and become gym-friends. YAY :) It is nice to finally know someone who is looking for the same motivation as you! We have done back to back classes, talked about running together and training for next years Woody's Half Marathon together, and it turns out she is in indoor soccer too (mind you she is in tier 1, the "good" tier). Pretty cool huh?

I am really enjoying getting to know what it is like to work out with someone else, and it has been a lot of fun so far!

Danielle, if you are reading this, Hi! You Rock! :)

I was a skeptic before, but I now appreciate having someone else working and sweating through it beside you.

Also feeling pretty motivated to try and lose the teeny amount of weight I have gained back (2-3lb since my lowest of 121.5lb). Trackin all my food, pushin hard at the gym, and trying to cut back on the chocolate. My goal is to get to 120. I am not sure how maintainable that will be, or even if it is possible, but I will try.