healthy |ˈhelθē|adjective ( healthier , healthiest )in good health: : feeling fit and healthy.• (of a part of the body) not diseased : healthy cells.• indicative of, conducive to, or promoting good health : a healthy appetite | a healthy balanced diet.• (of a person's attitude) sensible and well balanced : a healthy contempt for authority.• figurative in a good condition• desirable; beneficial• A conscious choice; A life-long commitment.

Friday, October 14, 2011


I stepped on the scale yesterday and was greeted by the number 123. Once the water weight was eliminated from the carb retention I felt less bloated and more like the normal "me".

Last night P and I went to Jerry Seinfeld to celebrate his 23rd birthday. Before the show we ate dinner at a pizza place where I enjoyed some beer battered fries and an entire veggie calzone. No dessert though! Which I considered a success because they had this succulent (yes, succulent) looking Banana Foster thing that had my mouth watering!

Back on track today though. And feeling pretty good about it. I have my first indoor soccer game tonight! Not going to lie, I am super nervous. I don't know if I even remember how to play, let alone maneuver the ball, so it will definitely be interesting. I hope I don't let my team down too badly!

How are you all doing so far?