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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lets Get Serious

I was going to write a fantastic post on Thanksgiving/Holiday survival. I had it all planned out ...  the points I wanted to touch on, the suggestions to make saying "No thanks" easier, the foods to pile up on and the tips to staying hunger-free ... Yup, the whole nine yards.

I was excited for this post! I haven't done a "serious" post in a while considering balancing a very busy schedule of animals, gym, school, and work.
So ... why didn't it happen?

I will be 100% honest with anyone who is reading this. Because I had a major train crash, right off the rails, of a bridge, into a roaring river below. There were no survivors.

Okay, Okay. There was one survivor ... but she barely made it out alive. She ... was me.

Went to work on Friday evening with the full intention of eating my supper and ONLY my supper. I told myself that I was going to avoid any treats they had out because I would be eating plenty come dinner at P's house on Saturday. Well they had a big tin of those delicious chocolate covered cookies. You know the kind that has the multitude of different kinds? Yeah. That one. And they had not one, but TWO boxes of gourmet chocolate. So I had about 5 chocolates and about 10 cookies.

So I was upset with myself. And I wanted to go home. But with three sick calls I agreed to work a double shift ... with no back up food. So I downed an energy drink (Mhm.) and bought a veggie tray with good intentions.

Well, after being up for what, 20 hours straight, I caved, and ate about 5 more chocolates and 15 more cookies.

I then proceeded to go home, sleep for an hour and a half, wake up, eat my oatmeal, go teach dance, eat an entire Hershey's Almond Bar, and then go to Paul's house for Thanksgiving Dinner where I ate about 40 chocolate almonds and a large slice of Pumpkin Angel Food Cake.

Sugar overload? Oh. I'm not done yet.

The next morning I polished off two more large slices of Pumpkin Angel Food Cake, and another 10 chocolate almonds, all within about 45 minutes of finishing my breakfast of oatmeal and three slices of toast. Yes. Three.

I finished off yesterday with a normal fashion (thank god) and had full intentions of being 100% back on track today. Well at work, I ate 1 and a half Cherry Chip Cupcakes, a half slice of pumpkin pie, and a half slice of cheesecake.

Phew. Confession over.

Gross right? Now that I look back over what I have done I feel disgusted with myself. I am far far far from a perfect healthy eater, and I think sometimes I put too much pressure on myself to be perfect that I end up caving and going bat shit for a few days.

Leah's No Junk Food Challenge is just what I need to get myself off of this sugar overload. I am excited for the 20 days, but nervous for the first few as I know they will be extremely challenging.

Below is a picture of the food that I cleaned out of my cupboards and freezer. This is all my "Junk" (not including baking goodies, but I won't be baking anything anytime soon as I won't be able to try it!). Laying it all out there for you to see.

It makes me wonder ... How the fuck did I get to 123ish pounds eating like this? That is a lot of junk.

Packed 'er all up and into the closet it went. I can't throw it out. I am too frugal for that. Plus I don't plan on living without chocolate and peanut butter forever, that's just crazy talk.

Whats in this lovely picture? Here are a few items: Envirokids Peanut Butter Choco'Drizzle Bars, Kashi Bars (Dark Mocha Almond, Cherry Dark Chocolate), Lindor Peanut Butter Balls, Lindt Dark Chocolate, Dagoba Dark Chocolate, Cambino Dark Chocolate, Planet Organic Cashew Bars (quartered and frozen), M&M Meat Shops Banana Choco Skewers, Purdy's Peanut Butter Fingers, Presidents Choice Ice Cream Topper x 3 (top my oatmeal with it!), Kraft Natural PB, Nutella, Cinnamon Spread, Monin Chocolate Chip Cookie Syrup (for coffee), Organic Chocolate Chunk Cookies, Lara Bars (Peanut Butter, PB & J, PB & Choco Chip), Mini Tobelerone, Oreo 100 calorie Ice Cream Bars, Organic Raspberry Fruit Bars, Nestle Real Dairy Vanilla Ice Cream Singles, Marshmallow Cream, Peak Frean Cookies and Mini Frozen Yogurt Bars. Side Note: Please ignore the rubbing alcohol in the background ... The Father uses that as part of his airplane building workshop haha.
Barf. In. My. Mouth.
Who loves Sugar?

I DO. 

Hailey, Natasha, Missy, and Jamie (and anyone else who gives this challenge a try), I know that we can do it. It won't be easy. Hell, it will probably be one of the more harder things I have ever done. But once we get off that original sugar dependance I imagine things will clear up and become less of a struggle. I am going to post regular updates to keep myself accountable, I hope to see your posts and get your emails as well throughout these 20 days!

I got a new tattoo today on my right wrist. It says υγεία which is the Greek word for health, after the Greek Goddess of health. As the father of modern medicine (Hippocrates) was also from Greece I figured it was a suiting language (not to mention very pretty and dainty) to get inked on my wrist. It will serve as a constant reminder for the choices that I make and the repercussions they might have. As a former "unhealthy" person, Health is one of my most valued gifts, and I wake up thankful every day for the health discovery journey I am on.

This is another chapter in that journey, Are you ready to share it with me?

Unfortunate Update: Scale said 125.5 this morning. It is quite possible that I ate an extra 7000 calories to gain that much weight. That's how bad it was. That is not a number I like to see. That in itself is motivating me to want to change.