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Monday, September 12, 2011

Hello, I'm Amie and I run Half Marathons.

Successful, Proud, Overwhelmed, Exhausted, Sore.

That's how I felt when I ran across the Dino Valley Half Marathon Finish line.

I had a few "goals" in mind when I ran this run ... I wanted to get out of it without any injuries, I wanted to run the entire thing, and I was hoping to finish in 2hr and 30min, but was accepting of the fact that the last one might not happen.

Woke up bright and early at 6am to get ready, eat a delicious hotel breakfast and pick up my race package. For brekkie I had a Pancake, a Piece of French Toast, Fruit Salad, Coffee, a Mini Cinnamon Bun, and a Banana with PB. Locked and Loaded.

Picked up my Race package and headed over to the start line. I wasn't feeling nervous. I felt ready to run. They had a warm up which was nice... but the ladies who ran it focused on static stretching as opposed to dynamic stretching... which was questionable.

The start line was at a different place than the finish line, so all the half marathoners walked there together.

That's when I saw the hill. I knew coming into this run that the first 2km were uphill ... and boy where they ever! I ended up walking up the hill for about 3min, which I was okay with. Once at the top the scenery was phenomenal. I wish I had a camera with me to take pictures, but that would have weighed me down. There was another steep hill at the 4th km, which I walked up for about 2min ... again, I was okay with this, with 17km left to run I didn't want to push myself to hard at the beginning and then die at the end.

From there on out it was a fairly flat race, with mild elevation and some de-elevation (?) before starting the part of the run that was on the highway.

Most of the run was on gravel, which was new to me, but okay.

I had no idea of my time, I just enjoyed the beautiful views, slurped back water and gaterade at the H20 stations, and ran my little heart out, proud of what I was doing.

Turned the corner to head to the finish line at 20km, and I was happy!! I knew I needed a fricken drink, I felt parched. But I kept on running. Got down to the finish line and took out the Ipod so I could hear the people clapping, which is always nice to hear.

I didn't look at the timer until I was really close to the finish line, I was focusing on not tripping as the gravel at the end was fairly loose.

To my surprise ... when I looked at the clock ... 2hr, 30min, 18sec.

I totally fist pumped the air. So so so so happy to see that time. I crossed the line, was medal-led, and then saw my mom and sister cheering for me, which instantly made me cry.

I was a mess. I felt so happy, like I was soaring. And of course, sensitive little Amie shows her emotions through tears. Once I regained composure I ate a hard boiled egg, went and got my free vitamin water, and then we headed out so I could get some milk to mix with my protein powder.

What a happy day. It is one of the proudest moments of my life.

Breakfast of Half Marathon-ers, YUM.

Sis & Ma, So glad they were there :)

Warming Up

Ready to Run!

After the Finish Line - Crying like a baby.

Hydration is important.

As is post run protein!

Push your limits. You have no idea what you can accomplish unless you strive for greatness.