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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tattoo'in Adventure

New Tattoo. Small sparrow on my collar bone, pointing towards my heart, to represent living free. Free of my mother. Free of my father. Free of my childhood. Free of my old eating patterns. Free of my obesity.

It didn't hurt very much - the least painful of my three, I have the Chinese symbol for dance on the right side of my neck, and the word Love on my foot with 2 paw prints. While I was there I brought up the subject of getting those 2 touched up. My neck one definitely needed it, and there are a few spots on my foot tattoo that need to be fixed as well. The artist mentioned that I could get them all done today, and save money because it wouldn't take too long to do it and I would only have to pay the 80$ base once. I usually don't do well with pain, but since my Sciatica (worst. pain. of. my. life.) I have been better, so I agreed, although a little anxious, to see if I felt up to it.

I felt Good after the Sparrow. I felt Okay during the Neck ... but it hurt. When she finished the neck I was relieved because I could feel the hypoglycemia kicking in (only hate half my lunch, whadda idiot). She told me to check it out, so I briefly did, but I felt woozy and light headed when I stood up. Uh oh.

I practically fell back into the chair, and when she started cleaning the neck one and getting ready to wrap it, I closed my eyes... and thought "This feels so nice, but I don't think I can get the one on my foot... It feels like I am taking a nap." Snap to consciousness. "Did I just faint?" ... "Yah! Are you feeling okay?" ... Laughter from Amie "Yeah, sorry about that" ... More laughter ... "Probably shouldn't get the foot done today." ... "No... I don't think so. You sure your okay? You sounded like you were crying.. Like you knew you didn't want to faint" ... Hysterical Laughter from Amie + Slight Embarrassment "I feel like I just had a nap! I feel good."

Yep. I totes fainted. Way to go Amie. Artist probably thinks I am a huge baby now. I was kind of glad no one was there to witness it, but kind of disappointed as well because it was fucking hilarious.

Note to Readers: Do NOT run 12.25km, then only eat half your lunch before going and getting a tattoo. Bad things will happen.