healthy |ˈhelθē|adjective ( healthier , healthiest )in good health: : feeling fit and healthy.• (of a part of the body) not diseased : healthy cells.• indicative of, conducive to, or promoting good health : a healthy appetite | a healthy balanced diet.• (of a person's attitude) sensible and well balanced : a healthy contempt for authority.• figurative in a good condition• desirable; beneficial• A conscious choice; A life-long commitment.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


For the past 3 years I have had black hair. I remember wanting to be brash and extreme on my 18th birthday so I made the hair appointment and took the plunge. I loved it.

I tried going back to brown one other time ... and it was an experience I don't care to relive. I went to a woman who was not my normal hair dresser. It was a terrible mistake. It did not turn out at all how I wanted it, and instead of saying anything, I payed a large amount, went home and cried, told myself to get over it, went to work the next day, faced some very strange looks from previous co-workers, answered the question "why", went home and cried again, back to the grocery store to purchase boxed black dye, and out to sylvan at 11pm to get my friend Stephanie to dye it back for me.

The reason I wanted to go back to brown this time is simple ... save money. I am trying to grow my hair as Loooooong as it will grow, and it has taken me a painstakingly long time, so there have been lots of trips to the hair dresser to get my roots dyed. By going natural, I can just let it grow, without having to worry about covering up my regrowth.

My hair dresser is a goddess. She did an amazing job! It looks so natural, and it isn't a super huge adjustment, which is just what I need. I even got one of those cool feather extensions! I don't have any pictures now, but I will post one soon! Either way, THANK YOU CHEYNEY!

Eating has been excellent the past 2 days, which feels great. I am going away this weekend to BC, so I will face similar challenges that I have had to face these last 2 weekends, but I am confident when I get home that my good habits will return and I will make solid choices.

Half marathon is also coming up ... accompanied by the ever so lovely Running Jitters. More on that soon.

Be healthy, Be happy,

Friday, August 26, 2011

And the Scale says ...

This number doesn't upset me, however it is a by product of the absolutely terrible choices I made last weekend. I felt like crap for at least 2 days following my weekend, and I am still making up for it. I spent the week focusing on being healthy, which always makes me feel better - more energetic, but it is absolutely frustrating that I have to go back this weekend for a wedding.

My game plan is simple: I felt like crap after last weeks Gong Show Eat Fest. I feel amazing when I chose healthy, whole foods.

I hope to maintain this weekend, and following this weekend re-focus on making consistently healthy choices.

Life is too short to be so strict all the time, however, I am a girl of extremes - either doing well, making good choices, ext.. or stuffing my face with 10 cookies because, hell, who knows when I will get to do this again? I don't like being an extremist, it is an area of growth for me. Any suggestions or tips on how I can work on this annoying trait?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Busy Times

So I must apologize for my lack of postage these past few weeks. I have been extremely busy between work, a wedding, and running, that I have hardly found any time to think about what I could even write about!

This is just a quick update - I hope to do a longer post next week, but I wanted to let you all know I was alive, haha.

I just finished a 17km run. It was good, my lungs and heart felt like I could keep going but my legs were starting to feel pretty heavy by the end. I am looking forward to the half marathon being over... I think long distance running (more than 10k) and I are going to be taking a little break from each other. Not for forever ... but at least until Christmas time. I plan on joining Indoor Soccer, picking up Yoga again, and continuing with the gym to stay active, as well as short distances between 5k and 8k.

Eating has been challenging with all the uncertainties of where I am going to be on a certain day. Last weekend at the Stagette absolutely sucked ... I easily ate my weight in Cookies and Chocolate, my kryptonite. I am tracking for the most part, although I didn't track over last weekend and I probably won't track this weekend. I will step on the scale tomorrow, I may have gained a pound or two, but at this point I am maintaining my healthy lifestyle as best I can, and when things slow down I will fall back into my routine. I am happy and healthy and that is what matters.

Dogs are good. Playful and energetic.

I start school in less than 2 weeks! Holy smokes. And I run my half marathon in 16 days! Yowza.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Very Long Run

Good Morning Friends,

I am doing better. I pulled my eating habits in yesterday, and already today I feel more refreshed and energized. I had a good cry about my kitty, and will be going to the pound after this post to check out if he was maybe captured by the Po-Po and brought in to the Big House. I went to the gym yesterday with Matthias (the ex), and he taught me some back and core strengthening exercises, which will be very helpful in preventing future sciatic flare ups. I have a core routine and 2 back routines to alternate with, so I feel ready to get strong.

Today I woke up bright and early at 6am for my long run. I debated whether or not I wanted to go before the Chiropractor appointment ... at 6:40am, or go after the Chiropractor at 9am. Before won because I would rather be adjusted after working out then work out after the adjustment.

This was a huge NSV for me because I never get out of bed early for an exercise. But I knew it would work well with my schedule, and by getting it out of the way early I will be able to have a nap later because I am working 2 night shifts.

Today I am going to attempt to make sushi. I will do a post on how it went... lol I am hoping for success because I love me some Sushi.

I want to do a quick blurb on my Vegetarian Diet and my recent decision to reduce my dairy intake. I think education is super important when making dietary choices, as well as personal taste preference.

I love me some vegetables. In fact, I don't think there is a single vegetable I don't like or wont eat. The variety is amazing, as well as how much my palate has expanded since making the conversion to the Veg-Side. I love it. I love everything about it. I don't miss meat at all.

With Sciatica comes a lot of inflammation to your nerves, causing the extreme pain. My last flare up was in June, a time when I was consuming quite a lot of dairy products and eggs. When I came back from my Nursing Conference, and after watching Forks Over Knives, I made the decision to reduce (not completely cut out, because I enjoy cheese and yogurt) the amount of dairy that I was taking in, to see if it would make a difference. I lost 8lb in 2 weeks by doing this and I believe it is due to the amount of water retention and bloating that comes with dairy. Since then I have gone through spurts where I do eat a lot of dairy, and then times when I try to reduce it again.

It is a balancing act for me. Have I noticed a huge difference? No, but I do feel like I am doing good for my body. Do I think everyone should do it? Again, No, because it is personal preference, but I think it might be something to consider if you suffer from a lot of inflammation. It never hurts to try it out, and it can always be re-introduced into your diet again.

Right now, I love Vanilla Light Silk, way way way more than Cow's Milk, so I plan on sticking with that. I made some Cashew Cheese, and it is Okay for now, but I know I will continue to eat cheese in the future. I don't have any greek yogurt in the house right now (cause I ate it all haha), but I am sure I will pick some up when I go to the grocery store. I have Soy Ice Cream in the Freezer, which I like, but I also have Mini Frozen Yogurt Cones. I don't buy eggs for myself anymore, but I will eat them in a dish if they are included.

It is all about moderation and doing what feels right.

Have a happy week. I will be busy working, going to see Taylor Swift (!!!) in Concert, and then Heading to Grande Prairie for a weekend of fun! BRIDAL SHOWER & STAGETTE!

:) Be healthy,

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Confession Time

I have had a very bad week.

I have been eating for my emotions. I have been trying to soothe myself with Chocolate. Lots of it. Would I consider it a binge? Yeah. I would. I don't deny the fact that I have eaten it. But I haven't tracked it either.

There are no excuses for my lapse in judgement. Yes, my cat Oliver ran away. Yes, it was that time of the month. Yes, I have worked the last 6 out of 7 days and have felt exhausted.

Eating shitty isn't the answer. I am left sitting here feeling discouraged, fat, and sugar dependent. It is not a good feeling. I have eaten way too much chocolate over the last week that the thought of it actually turns me off right now.

My mantra right now is "I don't like chocolate."

What am I going to do about this predicament?

Well, I have always been one to say that consistency and commitment are the two things required to lose weight, and now to maintain. The last week I have been VERY inconsistent and VERY uncommitted to eating healthy, whole foods. The result ... a belly ache.

My weight loss and my drive to change my lifestyle has come in waves throughout the past 18 months. It comes ... I have that boost to do what I need to do, I lose weight. It goes ... I stay the same for a little bit, I gain a pound, freak out, and the motivation returns.

Right now I weigh between 121-122. I don't step on the scale every day, because it easily becomes an obsession for me. Right now, I want to go by how I feel based on the foods I am putting into my body. Right now, I feel like crap.

Right now, it changes.

I will be attempting to detoxify my body from the sugar that I have been consuming. I won't be able to cut it out completely, as that is irrational, but I definitely need to make a change.

I know in my heart, and I know with all of my being that I have lost this weight for good, but that doesn't mean I am perfect. I still have a lot to learn.

Paul bought me a book called Ani's Raw Food Essential's and I have been reading it for the past 2 days. It is pretty interesting so far, and I am looking forward to creating some Live Food dishes, using whole, fresh, unprocessed ingredients.

With my 3 busy weekends coming up (2 in Grande Prairie for a Wedding, 1 in BC for a Reunion) I will be tested with my lifestyle, but I am ready, and motivated to take on that challenge, eat intuitively, track, and continue to maintain my weight between 120-125lb.

P.S. I miss my Oliver :(

Friday, August 12, 2011

Interesting Finds

  • Forks Over Knives
  • Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead
  • Food INC.
  • Food Matters
  • Jamie Oliver's Kitchen Revolution
  • In Defense of Food
  • The World is Fat
  • Intuitive Eating
"As I see it, every day you do one of two things: build health or produce disease in yourself." - Adelle Davis

Monday, August 8, 2011

Recipe: Espresso Bran Muffins

I have been a baking machine the last few days. These babies are delicious, and slightly nutritious! Enjoy.

  • 2.5 cups Great Value Bran Muffin Mix (yeah yeah... I am lazy.. If you feel up to it and are normally a good baker [I am not] then you can probably google a Bran Muffin Base and use that!)
  • 1 cup Water
  • 100g (roughly 1/3 cup) Liberte Mediterranean Mocha Yogurt
  • 1 Packet Starbucks Instant Via Coffee
  • 30g (2tbsp) Semi Sweet Chocolate Chipits
  • 12-24 Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans (depending on if you garnish with 1 or 2 beans)
  • Optional: Icing Sugar and/or Cocoa Powder
  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, prep muffin pan with liners.
  2. Mix together Water and Muffin Mix, when combined add in Instant Coffee and Yogurt. Mix again.
  3. Stir in Chocolate Chips.
  4. Spoon muffin mixture into liners - will make 12 muffins.
  5. Bake for 12 minutes. Remove from Oven, Put espresso beans on top and slightly push them into the dough (should still be soft enough for it to go in a bit).
  6. Bake for an additional 7-8min. Remove from oven and check muffins with tooth pick to ensure they are cooked. Let cool.
  7. Sprinkle with Icing Sugar or Cocoa Powder to Garnish.
  8. ENJOY

Calories: 206 Carbs: 37 Fat: 5 Protein: 3 Fiber: 5

P.S. You could totally substitute different types of yogurt like Strawberry or Blueberry and make different variations! The nice thing about Liberte is they are fairly low in Calories but have all that delicious protein! Let me know if you make these, if you like them, and if you make a variation of them!

Friday, August 5, 2011

It's Here!

Featured Blogger! - THAT'S ME!

To anyone who is new and reading my Blog today ... HI! I can't wait to get to know you better! Send me a comment or an email. I always respond.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Food for Thought ...

Tattoo'in Adventure

New Tattoo. Small sparrow on my collar bone, pointing towards my heart, to represent living free. Free of my mother. Free of my father. Free of my childhood. Free of my old eating patterns. Free of my obesity.

It didn't hurt very much - the least painful of my three, I have the Chinese symbol for dance on the right side of my neck, and the word Love on my foot with 2 paw prints. While I was there I brought up the subject of getting those 2 touched up. My neck one definitely needed it, and there are a few spots on my foot tattoo that need to be fixed as well. The artist mentioned that I could get them all done today, and save money because it wouldn't take too long to do it and I would only have to pay the 80$ base once. I usually don't do well with pain, but since my Sciatica (worst. pain. of. my. life.) I have been better, so I agreed, although a little anxious, to see if I felt up to it.

I felt Good after the Sparrow. I felt Okay during the Neck ... but it hurt. When she finished the neck I was relieved because I could feel the hypoglycemia kicking in (only hate half my lunch, whadda idiot). She told me to check it out, so I briefly did, but I felt woozy and light headed when I stood up. Uh oh.

I practically fell back into the chair, and when she started cleaning the neck one and getting ready to wrap it, I closed my eyes... and thought "This feels so nice, but I don't think I can get the one on my foot... It feels like I am taking a nap." Snap to consciousness. "Did I just faint?" ... "Yah! Are you feeling okay?" ... Laughter from Amie "Yeah, sorry about that" ... More laughter ... "Probably shouldn't get the foot done today." ... "No... I don't think so. You sure your okay? You sounded like you were crying.. Like you knew you didn't want to faint" ... Hysterical Laughter from Amie + Slight Embarrassment "I feel like I just had a nap! I feel good."

Yep. I totes fainted. Way to go Amie. Artist probably thinks I am a huge baby now. I was kind of glad no one was there to witness it, but kind of disappointed as well because it was fucking hilarious.

Note to Readers: Do NOT run 12.25km, then only eat half your lunch before going and getting a tattoo. Bad things will happen.