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Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Renewed Sense of Determination

To say that training for a half marathon is an easy task at this point, would be a lie. I have cruelly faced a sciatic/hip/low back injury now for the past month and a half, and my running has pretty much come to a stop as I didn't want to further aggravate what was going on. Throughout this time I have managed to stay active about 5 days a week, whether that be through going to the gym and doing the stepper and stationary bike, using my elliptical at home, and LOTS and lots of walking. All in all, it has been Okay.. I managed to get to a happy weight, and have maintained that since the beginning of July.

Today I stepped back into my half marathon training with a vengeance. I paid to enter this race. I am looking forward to this race. I want to run this entire race. Why am I giving up on myself so easily? I am able to stay active with other forms, I think that Running, done the right way, with a thorough stretch at the end, can easily fit back in this schedule.

I ran 10km this morning. My time was glacial... but that is Okay. With continued training I will get faster again, and I will build up my endurance and be able to run farther each time. I have never been a runner for speed. I have been a runner for freedom, for release, for fun. I will continue to hold that mentality and I know that I will be able to accomplish this goal.

49 days until my first Half Marathon.

I can do this.