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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fun Weekend Ahead

With the discovery of being 122lb coupled with the loose-ness of my size 6 jeans, I figured it wouldn't hurt to head in to Old Navy and see if I could (FINALLY) find a pair of khaki shorts, as well as try on jeans and see if I have hit that "Goal size" of 4.

Get to the store and immediately pick out at least 10 size 4 item's that I wanted to try on. Head to the back... try on the first one... hmm.. this doesn't fit right, maybe it's fluke, lets try another... Nope. This one is baggy too. Maybe I will try the jeans. Certainly a size 4 Jean will fit properly... Look at the sag in the bum! That doesn't feel good... Exit change room. Um. Will these shrink? "No, they are pre-washed" Uhh... Kay, I am going to need to go get some different sizes.

Size 2's to be exact. wtf. When did that happen? Not only did they fit... They fit like a glove. They looked glorious. Jeans. Khaki Shorts. Capris. All. Size. 2.

I bought them as a birthday gift to myself for being awesome :)

I am starting 21 off right. I have a wardrobe that fits properly. A weight that I want to maintain. An almost education. A good job. A new car. 21 is going to kick some serious ass.