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Thursday, June 9, 2011

I have a confession...

I have an undiagnosed back injury (although if I were to self diagnose it would probably be along the lines of pinched sciatic).

The first step to change is admitting you have a problem.

Very sad face.

For the last 3 months I have been battling severe low back pain when I bend over or move the wrong way. It is sharp, and it often shoots down my leg, even when I am driving. It has been hard for me to accept and acknowledge because it doesn't hurt when I am running, walking, elliptical-ing, just when I am doing work out classes that require lots of jumping, twisting, and bending.

I thought it was getting better because over the last month the pain has subsided (or I was just finally used to it?) but now it is back with a vengeance.

I probably need to see a chiropractor, or massage therapist, but alas, I am too poor and I don't have any health insurance to cover the extra costs. So now, I must ask you all, do you have any tips or suggestions for me? I am really willing to try anything to try and get it un-pinched, but I am at a loss as to where I should start.