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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Woody's 10K

Woke up at 6am sharp, laying in bed I thought to myself "Well, this is the day." and I rolled around a bit to see how my legs were feeling - Better than yesterday, but still sore, about a 7/10 on the soreness scale (They were easily at 9 yesterday). Got dressed in my killer green outfit - can you tell its my favorite color!? and headed downstairs to make my favorite pre-run breakfast: 2 Blueberry + Wheat Eggos, 1 small smashed banana, 2tbsp Light Maple Syrup, 1tbsp Mini Chocolate Chipits, 1tbsp Sliced Almonds, Yum. Through trial and error I have found that this is the breakfast that works for me - just enough carbs to energize, but not too many to feel heavy. Woke up my dad and got him to come take a pre-run picture of me. What nice weather for a run! Said farewell to my father - he was going to come at about 9:25 (an hour and 10 minutes after the race started - I figured that would be about my race time so he could watch me cross the finish line), and off I went.

At the Race
Arrived at the race. So many smiling, happy, enthusiastic people there, all with the same goal: RUN. It didn't matter if you were running the 10k, half or full marathon, everyone was so supportive and encouraging. There were people everywhere! The atmosphere was one of excitement, and the weather felt just right. I ran in to my lovely brother, who was dropping off his father-in-law (an amazing man who has done so many marathons and is so educational on running), what a lovely surprise! He said he would stick around and watch me start (as the 10k started 15 min after the marathon). I was glad for this, it was nice to have the support, because I was slightly nervous. My legs still registered at about a 6-7/10, but all I could think was positive thoughts, that I could do this, I was strong enough. I was so grateful to be there. I kept telling myself I was strong, I could do this. After the marathon-ers started, the 10k-ers lined up. The 300 people were a-buzz with excitement, I could feel it. Gun went off, and so we started.

I waved to my bro, happy to see that he was videotaping me! I hope to get a copy of the video for memory-sake! And that's when I felt my focus shift. My legs no longer felt sore - thank goodness. I kept my pace comfortable, I didn't care about time, I didn't care about the people running around me - I was racing for myself, and my only goal was to run the entire race.

Running, running, running. Enjoying my kick ass playlist. Enjoying the sunshine. Enjoying reaching the km markers. Then this lovely thought popped in to my mind that made the race that much better: "I am so lucky to be alive on this beautiful day". I love it when thoughts like this happen. When you truly awaken to the world and immerse yourself in what your doing.

I kept running. Not worrying about anything other than how I was feeling - which was amazing. To be surrounded by people who are there to accomplish the same goals as you, who love to run and be active, is so inspirational. I focused on how blessed I was, how strong I felt, and how far I have come. We came to a hill at the 7km mark - a fairly steep one, and I pumped myself up, sped up my pace, and ran the whole way up. That gave me an adrenaline boost to keep going.

The running continued to kilometer 9, where we hit the final hill on the way to the finish line. I pushed myself, and ran the whole way up. Down the hill was nice, and it was a fantastic boost to see the finish line. I turned the corner and headed in. I saw the clock - 1:03. WOAH. Did I actually run that fast!? I didn't feel like I was running that fast! I pulled out my headphone, so I could hear the people cheering, and the announcer say my name, "3221, this is Laura Norman's first 10k! Great job Laura" - HAH! He called the wrong name. Made me smile. And I crossed the finish line.

Post-Race Glow
My official time was 1:03:17. That is a pace of 6min 21sec/km. WOW! The fastest I had run 10km in the past was 70min, on a treadmill, with zero incline. That's a phenomenal time improvement. I felt fantastic. Because I had run so darn fast, my dad hadn't arrived yet! I had no clue I would be so speedy. I was walking towards my car to get my phone to let him know I was done and ran in to him! He was just as surprised as I was! He took this picture of me - I think I look like I am glowing in it. So accomplished and strong and proud.

We caught up with my brother and sister-in-law to watch the father-in-law finish the half marathon. It was nice to be able to cheer him on. He finished in 1:47, and got #1 in his age category of 60+! So awesome!
My father - the best man I know. I love him to bits. So glad he came to support me! After the race I came home and had a nap, I was beat. My legs are pretty sore, but other than that I feel great! I most definitely will be signing up for some more races this summer! I can see how it is addicting.

Went out for a family supper to Mohave Grill and had the Vegetable Quesadilla and Roasted Potatoes with Chipolte Mayo. I ate WAY too much, but I am okay with it. Days like this don't happen for me practically ever, and I don't consider occurrences like this to be "off track", they happen, its a part of life. So tomorrow I will get back to my usual day-to-day eating habits, which are delicious and healthy :) Gosh, I am in a great place right now.

One more thing before I end this post. I had a "Shout Out" from Thunder Thighs, which is my very first shout out ever! Thank you SO much! So I wanted to shout her out too :) Cause she is awesome and inspiring.

Have a fabulous week everyone!