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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Damn You Artifical Sweeteners!

- This is the Post that was deleted when Blogger was down -
Artificial Sweeteners and I do no get a long. We are not friends in any way. I hate the aspartame-y taste. I hate the fact that it is pure chemicals. I hate the fact that they are SO damn popular and found in SO many diet-type foods. WHY!?

One of my favorite foods is Yogurt. I eat it every day. It has protein and calcium and I find it filling and sweet. Unfortunately most yogurt is loaded with artificial sweetener, especially the lighter versions. I recently purchased Silhouette Satisfaction Strawberry because it had the added fiber and protein and was decent in calories, but I couldn't even finish the whole pack because I just couldn't get past the fake taste. Seriously gross. My favorite Yogurt right now is the Source Dessert Selections - The one with Chocolate Raspberry, Cafe Late, Strawberry, and Caramel - They are like pudding! But I hate the fact that they have artificial sweeteners in them. Yes, they don't have that gross taste, but also, Yes, I have a bigger sweet tooth when I am consuming more Aspartame and Sucralose.

They go hand in hand. If I have a Splenda in my morning coffee, guaranteed my mind will tell me I need 2 chocolate cookies instead of 1 for dessert. I can fight it all I want, but the cravings are INTENSE. For that reason, I cut all added packs of Splenda out of my diet, and when I drink coffee (whether it be from home or from Starbucks) I use the full sugar version because I am less likely to have cravings later in the day.

My next task is to try cutting out artificially sweetened Yogurt. I picked up some Astro 1% Plain yogurt yesterday and played around with sweetening it with Jam, Maple Syrup, Cocoa, Vanilla, and Cinnamon. Definitely not as good... but still Okay for calories and nothing processed, which for me, outweighs the taste.

So now, my questions for you:
  1. Have you tried Stevia? I haven't done any research on it, but I have heard its "all natural" Gimmick? Not a Gimmick? Yummy? Gross? I like that they have flavors like Chocolate Raspberry and Vanilla. What are your suggestions?
  2. Agave Nectar - Another thing I have read about on blogs but not looked in to. Also has lots of intriguing flavors. Any recommendations?
  3. Whats your favorite type of yogurt? Any ideas of brands that I can try that are Canadian?
Have a healthy, happy day!