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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weighing Every 2 Weeks

A number. A silly old number. That's all a scale will tell you.

Here are some things that silly scale and number don't always reflect:
  • The fact that I started this journey as a size 14, xl, and am now a size 4-6, sm
  • My level of endurance - being able to run (jog! Haha) for an hour, straight.
  • Confidence; who feels pretty most days?! AMIE DOES!
  • My happiness with healthy eating - I feel physically and mentally better when I put GOOD things into my body.
  • The stares I get from men. Yes. I know. But I started this journey superficially, and being single, you start to take notice.
  • Water weight - a simple, yet frustrating fluctuation of a whopping 2lb! GAH.
So what have I decided to do? Over the past month, I have continued to steadily lose weight with MFP, but slowly, because I am fueling my body in a healthy manner, and I am done with being hungry all the time. My emphasis is now more shifted to being active to help me lose those last pesky pounds. I moved both scales downstairs to the basement bathroom, and my basement is SO cold that I am instantly averted from going and stripping down to weigh myself every day because I don't want to start my mornings by being freezing cold.

Whats next? Well, I am going to *try* weighing myself every 2 weeks now instead of every week *cough*every 3 days*cough*. I am hoping this will be a step in a positive direction. I no longer worry about all my old habits coming back. Binging rarely crosses my mind and is 100% manageable. Eating is simply not a coping mechanism for me anymore.

So why does the number on the scale still frustrate me so much!? If I do a killer workout and retain a little extra water in my muscles, if I end up going into the higher numbers of my sodium and don't flush it out, if I can't get ALL my 3L drank in one day, is it REALLY going to make a huge difference?


I won't magically regain all 57lb. I won't fall back into old habits, because the foundation built with my new habits is enough to carry me through the trying times.

Action Plan: Stay OFF the Scale till Sunday, no matter what. Make healthy choices. Exercise like normal. Drink plenty of water. After Sunday's weigh in, I will be switching to Bi-Weekly weigh in's. Maybe the losses will be more pronounced then? Because lets face the facts.. I don't have a lot left to lose. It's hard to cut out enough calories to maintain a large loss without starving myself, and I am SO not about to do that.