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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weigh In - What A Week!

Holy Moly, I have had one insane week. So much has happened. I started out my week with a great work out, and a solid 2 days where I felt like what I ate was "good." My body was happy with what I was putting in, and my mind was satisfied and I didn't feel "out of control." That was followed by Tuesday and Wednesday, where I tried to stuff my face with my Mom's soup, so I could have a little more freezer room. Needless to say, I was bloated, felt weighed down, and was thinking I would have a gain. Exercise was consistent with my training schedule and I am loving it so far! I find that I don't mind making time for it at all, I feel almost deprived if I don't do at least 30min of something every day.

I got a phone call on Tuesday for a Job Interview for the Maternity Floor at the hospital in my city! I was SO SO SO excited! That was my first choice on my application, so I was ecstatic to be given the opportunity to go in for a n interview. Thursday morning, 10am sharp.

So Thursday morning rolls around, I am feelin good. I have my folder prepared, schedule ready to go, I feel like a million bucks. There is NO way that I am not getting this job!

I left my house at 9:20am, so that I would have enough time to get to the hospital, get organized, and arrive 5min early. Well. I turn to leave my subdivision, right before the set of lights to get to the highway.... and my car makes a weird noise and it feels weird.. almost like there is a big ice chunk stuck to the bottom. So I stop, get out and look, and everything looks Okay. I decided to try reversing, and I felt something fall off the bottom of my car, and it wasn't steering correctly. So I get out and look.

My entire wheel, ball joint and all, Fell off of my car. At 9:25am. The morning of my job interview.

Panic. - Phoned my dad, crying of course, and told him he needed to come NOW because I couldn't miss the interview (how would I pay for the car to be fixed if I didn't have a job!?) So he came, saw the damage, and drove me. I composed myself, and tried to focus on the interview, not let myself dwell on the bigger issue at hand, I could deal with that later.

Got to the interview. Realized I forgot my folder, and schedule at home... Great. Went in. Rocked it. She said she would be in touch in a few days after contacting my references.

Meanwhile my dad went back to my car and called a tow truck so we could take it to Kal-Tire. Thank goodness for dad's. They are the absolute best. He came back and picked me up, and 30min later, the Nurse Manager called and said I was hired! Semi-Relief.

So now I have a job on the Maternity Unit for the summer! I start my orientation in a Month and I am SO excited for it! One good thing came out of the craziness of the morning.

I am so thankful for my life. Had the ball joint and wheel come off 2 minutes later, after being on the highway. I would have flipped my car and died. Simple as that. There would have been no way to control the car, and the back wheels would have driven over the front tire, causing the care to flip. Scary stuff. Something was watching over me that day. Despite the adversities faced. I was able to remain positive.
I am currently looking into purchasing a new car - A Mazda 2 - because I just don't feel like my car will last me another year. I have to make 2 trips to GP this summer for a wedding, and I don't want to risk my safety. Taking it day by day.. Trying to sort it out. Thank goodness for Ex-boyfriends who work out of town - Matthias let me borrow his car while he is away at work. I am so grateful to have such caring people in my life.

I decided to weigh myself today, no specific reason, just felt like jumping on the scale. I am now down to 136lb on my Digital Scale, and 132lb on my Manual Scale. I am so happy with those numbers. Despite the soup-bloat and the stress and the back pain of last week, I managed a good loss.

I am loving MFP so much! It fits my lifestyle perfectly. I don't feel like I am on a diet at all. I feel like I am eating enough, of whatever I want, just portioned correctly. At the end of the day I am satisfied with my choices, and when I change my mind halfway through the day, regardless of where I am at, I can track it! So lovely.

The community is very supportive as well. Its almost like the Facebook of Weight loss. Everyone comments on your Daily logs and Weigh in's and its all very positive. I feel like I can continue with this until I get to my ultimate goal of 130 on my Digital scale, no problem.

Here is to a great week everyone, Hope you all make healthy and happy choices! :) Be grateful for those who care about you,