healthy |ˈhelθē|adjective ( healthier , healthiest )in good health: : feeling fit and healthy.• (of a part of the body) not diseased : healthy cells.• indicative of, conducive to, or promoting good health : a healthy appetite | a healthy balanced diet.• (of a person's attitude) sensible and well balanced : a healthy contempt for authority.• figurative in a good condition• desirable; beneficial• A conscious choice; A life-long commitment.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fit & Fabulous

Inches in a Month

Waist: 27in (-1)
Hips: 37in (-1)
Chest: 35in
Thigh: 21in (-1)
Arm: 12in

Excellent progress for one month if I do say so myself :)

Still no scale.. 8 days to go.

Tomorrow is my long run (6 miles) so today is going to be a day of light physical activity at home. I think I am going to do 30min on the elliptical and a workout DVD, maybe pilates - I have owned the DVD's for years but never tried them out.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 5 - No Scale

Well, it has been 5 days since I last stepped on a scale. To say it has been tough is an understatement in my books.... It has been brutal. I have stayed on track all week with my eating, exercising and water, there is zero chance that I will be facing any weight gain, because I have been staying within my parameters and I feel good about that, but to not know a tangible number, is nearly killing me.

I lay in bed in the morning, contemplating going downstairs, and then I almost literally run to the kitchen to make myself breakfast - because once I eat I refuse to step on. Its a very strange mental game. At night, I sit here and think about the following morning... whether or not I will have the strength to stay off.

I still have 9 days left to go before I will let myself step on. I will follow through with this because I have made it a public deceleration to do so.

Tomorrow I will do my end of the month measurements and update them on MFP, hopefully there will be a loss there to ease my mind at least a bit.

I will post the updates once I have measured.

Have a good Friday night!

Monday, April 25, 2011


I love days like today. It was an accumulation of everything that is near perfect in my life. It reminds me how damn thankful I am, and how lucky I am.

Started out with Hospital Orientation this morning! Which went very well. Caught up with an old friend who goes to a different school but is back in RD for the summer. I am excited to hang out with her lots this year. Also caught up with my good friend George. He is so motivating to me. He is an MMA fighter and in amazing shape. I look up to him :) I don't want to be an MMA fighter or anything, but to be able to manage school, crazy workouts, and a personal life, is SO impressive.

After orientation I picked up Matthias (the Ex) to go for a workout! I am so lucky to have him in my life still. He is my very best friend. We had never done this before, but I decided we should go and run a flight of outdoor stairs and a hill right by them. Well, it was definitely a workout for me. We ran the stairs 10 times, and the hill once, followed by one more run of the stairs. My legs were shaking when we were done! It was exhilarating. To follow that up we went for a tan and to check out Heart Rate Monitors. I found one at Walmart for 70$ that seems to have all the features I am looking for.. when I get my first paycheck I will have to pick it up.

Came home to make dinner. Today I wanted to make Ground Round Spaghetti. This is something I have never attempted before. I used 1 Cup Catelli Herbs Pasta Sauce, 1 Package Shirataki Fettuccine Noodles (seriously, WOW, has anyone ever tried these? They are delicious!), 1/2 cup Diced peppers, and 1/3 package Yves Veggie Ground Round. Now, I am only one tiny (hehe) person, and this made enough for 2 FULL meals. So I separated it equally and will eat the other half tomorrow for supper. On top I put 2Tbsp light shredded cheese. Holy Crap. This tasted like something I would have made when I ate meat and was obese. I am not joking here. It was delicious. And there was SO much of it too. Guess how many calories?

171. Yup. Blew my mind.

Such a good day food and exercise wise. I wish every day went like this! Haha. Hope you all had a lovely day and that the sun shone wherever you are!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

I *Think* Spring is Here to Stay?!

Got up for my Weigh-In today feeling good, I thought for sure I would see a loss (even .5lb). Alas, I stayed the same. I guess I shouldn't be surprised - I went a little crazy with my liquor Friday Night, and even though I puked *woops*, I guess I must have been retaining a bit of it still. Also it is that TOM, and although I don't like to create excuses for myself, that may be playing into it as well.

At least it wasn't a gain. :)

I am going to start Bi-Weekly WI's, I think this will give me the motivation to stay on track ALL the time and will take away the emphasis of the number on the scale. Hell I look fricken great. If I keep up the exercise (which I will), and add in a little more strength training (which I have been), then I know I won't gain any weight and my body will continue to tone up and love me, just as I love it. If the scale stays at 134, then I guess that'll be my number, but for the next 2 weeks I am going to focus on eating right and exercising lots.

Went for my 5 mile run today, it ended up being 5.4 miles (aka 8.75km) outside and I completed it in 1 hour and 10 minutes!! Nice! I seriously love Sunday's and they have absolutely become my favorite day of the week. Especially when it is nice outside, like today. Get up, eat a light breakfast, lace up the runners and throw in the Ipod, Hit the pavement and GO, Come home, Make a coffee and blend in Protein Powder (If you haven't tried this yet, you MUST, it is DELICIOUS - I mix 1 Scoop IsoFlex Peanut Butter Chocolate in my my Coffee and 1Tbsp International Delights Creamer and it is like heaven in a cup), come on the net, and write in my blog. It seriously can't get any better than days like this.

I am so thankful!

I start my Orientation for the Hospital this week, so I am very excited for that! I also submitted my resume to the Buffalo Hotel (a Low Income Housing Building that specifically deals with mental illness and addiction, I did my Mental Health Clinical there) for a casual tenant support worker, so hopefully I will get a call this week from them!

Happy Easter Everyone :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weighing Every 2 Weeks

A number. A silly old number. That's all a scale will tell you.

Here are some things that silly scale and number don't always reflect:
  • The fact that I started this journey as a size 14, xl, and am now a size 4-6, sm
  • My level of endurance - being able to run (jog! Haha) for an hour, straight.
  • Confidence; who feels pretty most days?! AMIE DOES!
  • My happiness with healthy eating - I feel physically and mentally better when I put GOOD things into my body.
  • The stares I get from men. Yes. I know. But I started this journey superficially, and being single, you start to take notice.
  • Water weight - a simple, yet frustrating fluctuation of a whopping 2lb! GAH.
So what have I decided to do? Over the past month, I have continued to steadily lose weight with MFP, but slowly, because I am fueling my body in a healthy manner, and I am done with being hungry all the time. My emphasis is now more shifted to being active to help me lose those last pesky pounds. I moved both scales downstairs to the basement bathroom, and my basement is SO cold that I am instantly averted from going and stripping down to weigh myself every day because I don't want to start my mornings by being freezing cold.

Whats next? Well, I am going to *try* weighing myself every 2 weeks now instead of every week *cough*every 3 days*cough*. I am hoping this will be a step in a positive direction. I no longer worry about all my old habits coming back. Binging rarely crosses my mind and is 100% manageable. Eating is simply not a coping mechanism for me anymore.

So why does the number on the scale still frustrate me so much!? If I do a killer workout and retain a little extra water in my muscles, if I end up going into the higher numbers of my sodium and don't flush it out, if I can't get ALL my 3L drank in one day, is it REALLY going to make a huge difference?


I won't magically regain all 57lb. I won't fall back into old habits, because the foundation built with my new habits is enough to carry me through the trying times.

Action Plan: Stay OFF the Scale till Sunday, no matter what. Make healthy choices. Exercise like normal. Drink plenty of water. After Sunday's weigh in, I will be switching to Bi-Weekly weigh in's. Maybe the losses will be more pronounced then? Because lets face the facts.. I don't have a lot left to lose. It's hard to cut out enough calories to maintain a large loss without starving myself, and I am SO not about to do that.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

"You're just Small and Adorable"

... That's how I was described last night. HAH! Small and Adorable... I wanted to make some kind of snooty retort about how I used to not be small, I wanted to say something, anything, to discredit this claim, because despite the smaller number on the scale, despite the smaller pant sizes, I have never been described as small.

When I think of myself, and how I would describe my appearance, these words come to mind:
  • Cute
  • Average
  • Nice Skin
Yup, those about sum it up. Not small. I would never describe myself as small.

Instead of any kind of self-hating response I sucked back the feelings and replied with a "Thank you".

It's funny how despite the changes, they still don't always register in my head. I still don't always see myself the way others do. I had a nurse on the unit talk to me about my weight loss and when I told her I lost close to 60lb she said "Wow! I can't imagine 60lb on your tiny body." TINY?! LOL! I responded with a "Yes.. it wasn't always so tiny."

Some day soon I hope it clicks. Maybe it never will.

Stepped on the scale this morning and I am at 134 (same as when I weighed myself on Wednesday), so that's good! On MFP I have lost an average of 1lb/week, which is what my projected weight loss is, so I am right on track!

Really hoping to get to 133 this week! I am getting SO close to 130 it is unbelievable!

This is going to be a good week, I can feel it. :)

Off for my 4.5 mile run!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Will this winter EVER end?

As I sit here, I look outside my dining room window and watch the snow fall. Not just lightly. But a lot of it. Quickly. UGH. Last Sunday, it was beautiful outside, +8, at 10am, and I was able to do my 4 mile run outside. This week? Not so much. *Sigh* Back to the treadmill I go.

I have mixed feelings about how this week was for me. I started out the week right (as I often do) and then midweek I went out for lunch with a committee I am on for school to a restaurant I had never been to. I am trying very hard to look at this as a lifestyle, and most days it is, but some days I get so fed up. I ordered the Margarita Pizza, the crust was white, and thick, and there was enough cheese for 2 pizza's on it. Really? Really?! Eating out is SO frustrating. Of course I knew I should have just had the roasted Asparagus, and Roasted Mushrooms, but NO, I had to tell myself it was okay to indulge because I don't eat out often. Which is true. I try not to, and when I have to I deal well with it, by trying to go to places I can pre-plan for. I ate 3 pieces of Pizza. Not too bad in hindsight. Just frustrating.

Then I had two full days of faculty interviews for school, where lunch was provided. The first day we had spinach salad, with a raspberry dressing, sliced almonds, mandarin oranges and there crunchy stick things, and the second day we had Mediterranean pasta salad and raw veggies with dip. The first day they served cookies, and thankfully they were White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, not my favorite, so I only had one bite and threw the rest out (NSV!). The next day is where it went downhill. They offered a selection of tiny cakes for dessert, and my sweet tooth got the best of me. I ate 4 of them. Crap. So I tracked them to the best of my knowledge, went over in my calories, and ended the night with a light beer. Such as life.

I also find that my motivation is SERIOUSLY lacking at the moment to accomplish anything. I feel just drained from school, and I know there is a list that is starting to become longer and longer that needs to be looked at, but I just don't want to do it. I know. I know. Suck it up Amie.

I feel that it is that way (on days) with exercise as well. The habit is there. I know what I need to do. But with the weather being up and down and in and out, my motivation leaves and I just want to hibernate. I have kept up with my training schedule. But so reluctantly. I have that whole "Oh do I have to!?" attitude about it, which does not make it fun. But it gets done. And the motivation will return. Of this, I am certain.

I believe in myself and I know that I deserve the very best. I feel good (granted, not great *YET*) about my body and my looks, I have a fantastic personality, a good sense of humor, and an extremely bright future, and I do not, and will never, need a man to make me think any different.

So, ladies and gents, with practice, and a LOT of positive self talk, and a LOT of positive affirmations, and a LOT of hard work, if you are willing, I know that you can get to this spot too.

You just gotta BELIEVE. --- I'm a Cheese-ball, but I speak the truth. :)

Wherever you are reading from, I hope it is not snowing,

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Car = Love.

Picked up the new car today... Oh my gosh. I instantly fell in love. This car is SO me!

First thing I do when I get home? Start to transfer all the new stuff from the old car to the new car, of course! So I nonchalantly put my new keys (including the remote key starter, both sets I might add) on the passenger seat, and I get out, close the door, and walk over to the old car to start moving everything. Get a big arm full and walk back to the new car.

The Doors are locked.

Are you freaking kidding me?! I can't believe it! Locked my purse, both sets of keys, cell phone, everything, in my new car. Well frick, way to go Amie.

So I head inside, and have to call the Mazda dealer so I can get the roadside assistance number so I can call to get the doors unlocked... Thank god the warranty includes it. Already getting good use and it has only been 2 hours! Lol.

Eating is going decent this week. I am going to do a midweek weigh in tomorrow, and I am feeling good about it. I will update my stats, but won't post anything official until the weekend.

Hope everything is going well with you all!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lets Get A Little Political..

Currently watching the political debate on TV, and I have so many thoughts running through my head right now that I just need to get them out. Hopefully this comes out somewhat clearly... Please keep in mind that this is just my opinion, I am open to feedback and debate, so if you want to share your opinions, please do.

A. I am unsure why the Bloq Quebecois is considered to be one of the major political parties in this country when they are only supported in Quebec? Hmm...

B. I am so fed up with all these people just sharing excuses of why we are having an election and bashing each other. Please, lets focus on the issues, instead of telling me what the current government is doing wrong, I want to hear what they are going to do to make it better. We need to focus on whats actually going on with regards to health care, education, taxes, the economy and the military. Tell me your plans. Not what is wrong with the current plan.

C. I do not think the Conservatives should have a majority government. I think majority governments are so touch and go, once the power is given what checks and balances are there in place to ensure this power is used to its maximum benefit for ALL Canadians rather than abused.

D. That being said, I do not agree with the Liberals either. One word - Ignatieff. Enough said.

E. I just wish that these people would over look the personal attacks and focus on making the lives of Canadian's better. I think this is just ridiculous.

The issues that are currently most important to me are health care, seniors, taxes, and education.

Our health care system is broken, something needs to be done. Nurses and Doctors are overworked, constantly short staffed, and the amount of money we are putting into this system, specifically to pharmaceutical companies, is silly.

Next issue that is important to me is seniors, my father turned 60 this year, and although he doesn't realize it just yet, there will be a time soon when he will be living off his pension, and I want him to have an easy life. He is so important to me and I want the government to have his back.

As a young woman almost finishing my degree, taxes will soon be an important aspect of my life (duh). Education is also important to me. When I graduate, I will be 45 thousand dollars in debt, and I need to ensure that there is a job for me to pay this back, as well as adequate opportunities to continue learning and growing as an individual, and possibly further my education one day.

What are your thoughts? What party do you vote for?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weigh In & No Change

Stepped on the scale this beautiful morning to find that I have stayed the same this week - 136lb. I am so okay with that. This past week has been a whirlwind (like all the others this clinical!), with finishing up clinical, working out, wrapping up with the nursing society, and partying hard.

Nursing Society Year End dinner was Tuesday night, and I happily indulged in an entire individual sized vegetarian pizza from BP's. So delicious. So worth it. Killed it at the gym that day, and ALMOST made up the calories for it.

Year End Nursing Party was on Friday night, and I went WAY WAY WAY over calories, like almost an entire pound over! Holy Moly. It was LOTS of fun though, and I danced the night away. I wore my pair of SIZE 4 shorts, and I wore my cut up "It's a Jungle Out There" shirt (Jungle Themed Party), and got so many compliments! Felt just lovely. Everyone said I looked amazing.

I felt amazing!

Yesterday, I compensated for my terrible day prior by staying on track and doing an hour on the elliptical. I also drank 3L of water to help flush all the alcohol water weight out. The result? A very happy STS! Yay! I think the best part out of the entire experience was not letting the over eating affect my emotions. I happily accepted what I had done, relished in the fun that I had, and moved on - what use is it to dwell? I have been at this for so long now that I know one day will not mess up the new habits I have created for myself. Its a lifestyle. I am allowed to have a day off once in a while, because I know - The thought of falling back into old habits literally isn't an option, or a worry anymore - that I will be Okay. What a freaking breakthrough!

This week is going to be busy too (surprise, surprise), I have 2 full days of faculty interviews, but I plan to stay on track at those by bringing a packed lunch, 1 half day at clinical, a lab final, subbing for a dance teacher, and a BBQ. Should be good though. No more homework, so I feel free.

It's so crazy to think that in a year, I will be done my degree! I can't wait. These first 3 years have gone by SO fast and I know the last one will go by just as equally fast.

I pick up my new car sometime this week as well! I will post pictures when I get it! SOO EXCITED! That also means I need to start the prep work on selling my car.... not going to be an easy task. Ah well, now that school is done, and until I start work (EEEE!!!!) in 3 weeks, I am up to the challenge.

Here is to a better week for me, and a great week for all of you. Lets do this! :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happiness, Realized.

The last four weeks have been extremely busy for me, whether it be clinical days starting at 5am and going till 5pm, or clinical evenings starting at 12pm and going till 11pm, I have managed to keep my eating in check and go to the gym exactly as my training schedule says.

For me, this is huge. In the past, when my schedule would get out of hand (as it often does), I would eat anything and everything in sight, with no goals or plans in place, leading to a train-wreck of emotional eating, binges, and unhappiness.

I have managed to lose weight this entire clinical session, even though it has only been 4lb, that is still 1lb a week, and considering I only have 6lb left to go, that is incredible. Even the days where I felt like my eating was slightly crazed, upon reflection I know that I was being irrational. Yes. I had a handful of chips and an extra square of chocolate. Or, Yes. I had 6oz of hot chocolate. Or, Yes. I had a power bar that wasn't planned with my dinner. Or, finally, Yes. I had a Full Sized Cookies & Cream Cupcake from BabyCakes Cupcakery. But I still managed a loss each week.

What is great about all of this? The fact that every day I wake up, and realize that I am at this weight, I become more and more confident that I can stay here. Some days, it feels like it has happened over night. Like I should still be 190lb, un-happy, un-confident, all of the possible "un's" out there. Then I remember....

This took a LONG time. This was A LOT of work.

But this is my life now. Eating fast food just isn't an option anymore. It doesn't even cross my mind when I drive by McDonald's. Buying a Chocolate Bar while standing in line at the grocery store is easy to say no to. Eating more than 5 or 6 Kettle Chips (my dad's favorite) naturally just doesn't happen anymore. The first one tastes the same as the last one. Why should I stuff my face?

I used to close my bedroom door, and do everything from sit on my hands, listen to music, go on Facebook, anything, to keep me from going to the kitchen for a binge. It was hard. It took everything, every ounce of will power I had, to stay in my room. Was I hungry? No. Old Habits die hard, and when I am bored, I want to eat.

Now, when I am bored, eating doesn't cross my mind. I don't need it to pass the time. I can do other things I love, like reading, surfing the net, or going for a run instead.

What does that mean for me? This, everything I am doing, is truly a lifestyle now.

It makes me so happy, it increases my confidence 10 fold, to be able to make this statement and believe it 100%.

If you are struggling, if you are nearly rocking back and forth in your seat to avoid a binge, if you are upset at the scale for not showing you the numbers you want to see, if your head still shows you at way more than you actually are, it gets easier. Keep at it. Stay consistent. Remain committed. You are worth it.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weigh In - What A Week!

Holy Moly, I have had one insane week. So much has happened. I started out my week with a great work out, and a solid 2 days where I felt like what I ate was "good." My body was happy with what I was putting in, and my mind was satisfied and I didn't feel "out of control." That was followed by Tuesday and Wednesday, where I tried to stuff my face with my Mom's soup, so I could have a little more freezer room. Needless to say, I was bloated, felt weighed down, and was thinking I would have a gain. Exercise was consistent with my training schedule and I am loving it so far! I find that I don't mind making time for it at all, I feel almost deprived if I don't do at least 30min of something every day.

I got a phone call on Tuesday for a Job Interview for the Maternity Floor at the hospital in my city! I was SO SO SO excited! That was my first choice on my application, so I was ecstatic to be given the opportunity to go in for a n interview. Thursday morning, 10am sharp.

So Thursday morning rolls around, I am feelin good. I have my folder prepared, schedule ready to go, I feel like a million bucks. There is NO way that I am not getting this job!

I left my house at 9:20am, so that I would have enough time to get to the hospital, get organized, and arrive 5min early. Well. I turn to leave my subdivision, right before the set of lights to get to the highway.... and my car makes a weird noise and it feels weird.. almost like there is a big ice chunk stuck to the bottom. So I stop, get out and look, and everything looks Okay. I decided to try reversing, and I felt something fall off the bottom of my car, and it wasn't steering correctly. So I get out and look.

My entire wheel, ball joint and all, Fell off of my car. At 9:25am. The morning of my job interview.

Panic. - Phoned my dad, crying of course, and told him he needed to come NOW because I couldn't miss the interview (how would I pay for the car to be fixed if I didn't have a job!?) So he came, saw the damage, and drove me. I composed myself, and tried to focus on the interview, not let myself dwell on the bigger issue at hand, I could deal with that later.

Got to the interview. Realized I forgot my folder, and schedule at home... Great. Went in. Rocked it. She said she would be in touch in a few days after contacting my references.

Meanwhile my dad went back to my car and called a tow truck so we could take it to Kal-Tire. Thank goodness for dad's. They are the absolute best. He came back and picked me up, and 30min later, the Nurse Manager called and said I was hired! Semi-Relief.

So now I have a job on the Maternity Unit for the summer! I start my orientation in a Month and I am SO excited for it! One good thing came out of the craziness of the morning.

I am so thankful for my life. Had the ball joint and wheel come off 2 minutes later, after being on the highway. I would have flipped my car and died. Simple as that. There would have been no way to control the car, and the back wheels would have driven over the front tire, causing the care to flip. Scary stuff. Something was watching over me that day. Despite the adversities faced. I was able to remain positive.
I am currently looking into purchasing a new car - A Mazda 2 - because I just don't feel like my car will last me another year. I have to make 2 trips to GP this summer for a wedding, and I don't want to risk my safety. Taking it day by day.. Trying to sort it out. Thank goodness for Ex-boyfriends who work out of town - Matthias let me borrow his car while he is away at work. I am so grateful to have such caring people in my life.

I decided to weigh myself today, no specific reason, just felt like jumping on the scale. I am now down to 136lb on my Digital Scale, and 132lb on my Manual Scale. I am so happy with those numbers. Despite the soup-bloat and the stress and the back pain of last week, I managed a good loss.

I am loving MFP so much! It fits my lifestyle perfectly. I don't feel like I am on a diet at all. I feel like I am eating enough, of whatever I want, just portioned correctly. At the end of the day I am satisfied with my choices, and when I change my mind halfway through the day, regardless of where I am at, I can track it! So lovely.

The community is very supportive as well. Its almost like the Facebook of Weight loss. Everyone comments on your Daily logs and Weigh in's and its all very positive. I feel like I can continue with this until I get to my ultimate goal of 130 on my Digital scale, no problem.

Here is to a great week everyone, Hope you all make healthy and happy choices! :) Be grateful for those who care about you,