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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Trying Something New!

Being poor is not fun. It is a very scary thing to wonder how I am going to get my next 25$ so that I can have enough gas to get to and from clinical every day. That being said, it is also very scary (sometimes scarier I think) to wonder when I am going to have enough money to buy fresh groceries. I love eating healthy, I love fresh vegetables, I love fresh fruit! How on earth can I afford Fresh groceries when I have no monthly income, as well as pay for gas, insurance, a gym membership and a cell phone bill, and now (because my 3 months on Weight Watchers is coming to an end) another WW subscription?

It is literally impossible.

So I am switching it up. I love Weight Watchers, but a lot of what I love is found on the message boards - the supportive, friendly gals of the 20's board. I can get that for free.

Sure I love tracking, and it helps to keep me accountable, but sometimes Points Plus isn't all that great for my lifestyle - being that I must eat a little more carbs and a little less fresh. Also, I dislike the fact that I need to count my "free" fruit if I am wanting to lose weight. I don't think that is fair and I don't think it is appropriate that I modify a plan I pay for just so it will meet my needs. It should work regardless of modifications, because it is scientifically based, no?

Throughout this journey I have been on and off weight watchers. Occasionally tracking (and seeing losses, pre-P+) and occasionally not tracking (and maintaining, or seeing small gains). One thing I have done fairly consistently is blog, and I account that to most of my success. I feel like my writing has inspired others, and that is what keeps me coming back.

So today, after a solid nights sleep, I am deciding to cancel my Online WW Tools, because I can do my tracking elsewhere. I found this great little gem of a website -Here-, which has a HUGE food database, as well as tracking and exercise tools. Did I mention that its free? Oh, and that it has a KILLER Blackberry App (also free), where I can track all my food and exercise right from my phone and it will update to the internet and vice versa? Yeah, thats pretty sweet. I couldn't do that with WW.

Also, during previous posts I have commented on the difference between the 2 scales in my house - my manual one is consistently 4lb lighter than my digital.

I hopped on the scales this morning and in true fashion, my manual said 134, and my digital said 138. I have decided to switch (officially) to my Digital scale as I truly believe it is more consistent with what I eat in a day (when I do my daily weights).

I also moved the scales to the downstairs bathrooms so that:
  1. They no longer tempt me day in and day out.
  2. They remain on the same level space of floor at all times, for consistency purposes.
I think this will help remind me that the scales are JUST a number, and I don't need to step on them every day to make sure I haven't gained back all 53lb in one night.

So now that I am switching scales for cereal, I want to be accountable to my current weight of 138, therefore I am once more in weight loss mode (My goal range is 127-132, so I will try my darndest to get to 127).

Time is not an issue here, I am a slow loser, I am okay with that. As long as I am consistently making healthy choices then I am happy.

I have been tracking on both WW and MFP this week to see the consistency, and so far, I am liking what I see. They are both very similar and I like that I can see all my nutritional information for the foods I love (Cals, Fats, Carbs, Fiber, Iron, ext..), not just Point Values.

So there ya go folks! I will remain loyal to my 20's board, because I love the support, but I am going to try My Fitness Pal for tracking!

Wish me luck. :)