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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday WI & Gym

This week was my Pre-TOM week. They are often much much worse than the actual TOM. I get ravenous chocolate cravings, and debilitating back pain, so needless to say, this week hasn't been the best. I switched to MFP on Wednesday, and I am really loving it so far. I enjoy being able to track wherever I am on my phone, and being able to use their online community and tools for free! I am still cross tracking with WW until my subscription is done. Today I will have eaten 1300ish calories, which works out to being 33WW p+. Which is pretty accurate I would say.

Anyways, I didn't do as well during the beginning of the week, but after I signed up my MFP I started cracking down a bit more, and it has been better. I thought maybe I would see a gain this week, but when I stepped on my Digital Scale it said 137.5! Which is down .5, and I will gladly take that. My Manual scale said 133.5 which is consistent with the 4lb difference.

I ran 4 miles today in 48 minutes! I am so happy with that time because A. I have never ran that far in my life and B. I ran the entire thing! YAY! I really love running. You get in to a groove and just go. I hope the Alberta weather will start being a little kinder to me so that I can start running outside with my Tuck.

School has been crazy busy, and I am literally counting down the days until I am done. Not because I am not having a good time (I am loving clinical!) but because I am looking forward to getting back to my regular sleeping and eating habits.

I am hoping the back pain will subside soon, it hurts to sit and to lay in bed, but its okay for me to stand, walk, and run on the treadmill. Bending down is absolutely killer. I almost started crying yesterday when I taught dance I was in so much pain. Any tips on how to handle pre-menstrual back pain?