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Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Very First Race!

I signed up to run a 10K race today! The race isn't until May 22, but I plan to start "training" for it on Monday! Like my poor eating habits before, I needed an excuse to be able to say "no" hence becoming a vegetarian.

Like my semi-poor exercise and fitness habits now, I think this will be the much needed excuse I will need to be able to say "YES!". I am really excited to start training because I have absolutely no experience with running besides the occasional jog at the dog park and the occasional jog at the gym on a treadmill. My current goals are just to build up enough endurance to be able to do it, and to finish!

Above is my training schedule, which I found HERE. It is pretty intense, but I think it is completely manageable and do-able with my current schedule.

I have decided to add a protein supplement to my diet as the training will be a lot more than my body is used to and I want to be able to do this the right way, and not get injured. Tomorrow the ex and I are going Protein Powder shopping because he is an "ex"pert (No pun intended... HarHar). I calculated the P+ values of the low-cal supplement he uses and it is 3P+, mix that with 1 Cup Skim, for a very filling 5P+ serving of 27g of protein. I think that I will be able to alter my current meal schedule to fit this in, plus with the amount of AP's I will be getting I will need the extra boost to my diet.

I will keep you all updated on my training progress!