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Friday, February 18, 2011

CrossFit Success :)

Today I was sitting in Research Class, bored, as usual, and decided I would ask my friend George what he was up to tonight. He told me he didn't have anything special planned and asked if I wanted to join him at his CrossFit class and then have dinner after.

Curious, as I had only heard of the intensity of CrossFit, but not actually of what it was, I decided that I had to try it, because I am 47lb skinnier, and I feel healthy and I want to push myself and find new ways to keep active and have fun.

Boy, oh, Boy. I had no idea what I was in for! So we are warming up and George is explaining how it is a circuit-type thing where you do a set amount of reps/distance over a period of time or you have to do up to like 5 times in a row.

Here was today's workout:
- 400m run/row
- 30 squats where you throw a medicine ball against a wall in between each
- 30 box jumps


(sorry if I am not totally technical with it, I'm still learning :) haha)

Holy Mother. After the first set I was ready to be done. The negative questioning started to creep up, "Could I do this?" "I don't know if I can make it through 5 sets" "This is so hard".

Then something wonderful happened... It's like the negative talk was replaced by positive talk all on its own. I thought to myself "You know what, you have lost 47 freaking pounds. You have already done 1 rep and are half way through the next, You can do this, Your body will do this, It doesn't matter if you are the last one done, what matters is you push yourself and you finish."

So that's what I did. For the next 25ish minutes I repeated to myself "You can do this" over and over and over until I was done.

I completed the circuit in 30minutes and 28seconds! Hell Yes! I did it! So proud of myself and my body and my mind and my spirit and everything else about me!

After the tremendous workout we went out for Vietnamese. We went to a place I had never been called Fusion Cafe, and they had a whole section for vegetarians! JACK-FREAKING-POT. I had the Vermicelli and Vegetarian Spring Rolls, and after half my plate I recognized that I was about 70% full so I stopped eating. It was almost natural. I say almost because I knew going into the meal that I shouldn't eat all of it, but in the past when I have stopped myself it almost felt bad (not in the hunger sense, but in the binge-eating sense that I used to do) not being able to continue eating.

Today I honored my body. I felt in control, confident about my accomplishments, and proud of who I am.

Celebrate yourself. You are worth it!