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Sunday, January 9, 2011

First Week Back to School

Wow! Last week seemed to fly by. I had so much to do, in so little time, and I think (???) I got most of it accomplished.

Weigh-In: 142lb. 2lb till goal!

As for exercise, I had a terrible cold and really bad back pain so I only worked out 3 times. Twice on the elliptical, Once at Hot Yoga.

Food wise I did well this week. I made good choices all week, didn't drink, and managed to cut out Starbucks on two separate occasions! I also didn't buy soft ice cream at the hockey game, and turned down a Cupcake when I helped out a friend! Yay! I wasn't even resentful after.

On Friday I had my first tutorial and we went into the simulation lab to see what a trauma patient looks like. I started out the morning good - I had yogurt, granola, berries and a banana for breakfast, so I wasn't hungry.

Well, 30 minutes in I started to feel dizzy, saw spots in my vision, and knew I was going to faint. Sure enough I did. Wow! What a strange feeling. Thankfully I didn't hit the floor, I just leaned on the girl next to me, and also thankfully I was surrounded by nurses! How embarrassing though on my first class.

I think it was probably my iron that made me faint. I can't think of any other possibilities as to what it was because I ate a good breakfast and wasn't hungry. I am going to make a doctors appointment and get my blood work checked out.

I was iron-deficient anemic before when I rarely ate meat, and now that I don't eat any meat I assume that I am iron-deficient even more. I also don't take an iron supplement (oops!) so I should probably start one of those too.

Any other suggestions as to what you guys think would have lead to my fainting spell?