healthy |ˈhelθē|adjective ( healthier , healthiest )in good health: : feeling fit and healthy.• (of a part of the body) not diseased : healthy cells.• indicative of, conducive to, or promoting good health : a healthy appetite | a healthy balanced diet.• (of a person's attitude) sensible and well balanced : a healthy contempt for authority.• figurative in a good condition• desirable; beneficial• A conscious choice; A life-long commitment.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mid Week Check In

As promised :)

Tracking all food = Check
Exercise most days = Check
Limiting of the Beer = Semi-Check

This week is going pretty good so far! Hoping for a loss. I haven't stepped on the scale, maybe tomorrow to see where I am at. I don't think the 2 Christmas dinners will mess me up too bad this weekend as I won't be eating any turkey, so I will just have to watch the potatoes, gravy and stuffing (all my favorites).