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Monday, April 19, 2010

Weigh In Day

Gah. So I haven't been blogging, or on the message boards, but I managed to drop 1 lb this week! Bringing me down to 168 :)

I went to Edmonton this weekend, and I knew I would indulge when I was there, and I totally did. I had McDonalds......... AND TacoBell. Red Deer doesn't have a TacoBell, so whenever I go to Edmonton its pretty much a given that I will eat some.

Not bad though! I will take any loss, hell, I would have taken no change because of the way I ate this weekend!

I have one exam on Wednesday. Physiology, aka the Devil. I never really paid attention all year, and now it is biting me in my rather large (but smaller than before) ass. Studying is soooo boring, and I have only done maybe 45mins of it. There was one girl on Facebook saying shes already studied for more than 10 hours. WTF?! Who has 10hrs to dedicate to Physiology? Not I my friends, Not I.

I am hoping to get a summer job this year, but chances are looking bleak. They posted some undergrad jobs, and I applied for them, but I didn't work last summer, and then they had to go and change everything to Alberta Health Services, and put a hiring freeze on, so they don't like to hire people who haven't worked in the system before. Yipee. Lucky Me.

Ohhh well, I guess I will just work at Starbucks all summer if all else fails.

Hope you readers have good weigh ins! Skinny Vibes. =)