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Monday, April 26, 2010


I met every goal I set for myself last week!

I tracked EVERYTHING I ate, I exercised, and I avoided McDonalds!

The Result? A 3lb Loss! YES!

So proud of myself. I made my April Goal of losing 8lbs, And I am now officially down 15lbs since I have recommitted myself! I don't remember a time when I weighed 165. Its quite exciting! Just 5 more lbs and I will be half way to goal!

How did your weigh in's go?

Thursday, April 22, 2010


So today was my first official day off of school. No more exams, No more quizzes, No more bitchy teachers. It was seriously a FANTASTIC day. Haven't had a day this good in a while!

I slept in till 10:30, and leisurely woke up to no alarm clock. Made myself a delicious breakfast of an English Muffin with an egg, piece of fat free turkey breast, cheese, and onion with light margarine and mayo. Then I went tanning, and to the dog park for an hour long walk with my friend and my 10 month old rottweiler Tucker. From there, I went and bought Avatar (Such a good movie, if you haven't already seen it yet), and when I got home I decided I would run to Safeway to get my Starbucks fix instead of drive.

It is a 2k run, and I am not really in shape, but I have attempted to run it before and in the past I have only made it about 1.5k of running, and the rest walking. But today I ran the entire way!! It felt great, and dare I say I might have been able to continue running if I hadn't stopped to get my coffee?! I ran with my dog, because I am not one who likes to walk around alone (I'm a scaredy cat). I had never done this before, and the run there went surprisingly well. He stayed close, and didn't pull (too bad haha). So when I got there I was a little worried because he is 110lbs huge, and I didn't know where I would tie him up and how he would handle being tied up in a strange place by himself. He really likes people and I thought he would pull and try to get to everyone to get some lovin'. I tied him up to the table outside the big window, and I made him sit, and I told him to stay, and headed inside. I watched from the window the entire time, and he stayed! He didn't move an inch! I went back out after getting my coffee, and two different people came up and commented on how well behaved he was! I was so impressed.

To top it all off, he decided to take a huge poop on the hospital lawn on the way back home, and I didn't have any bags with me, but I aint letting that bring me down! Haha

Tonight I am planning a healthy supper for DBF & I, and then we will settle in with a light beer and watch Avatar.

Anyone else have any NSV's from today/this week? Post em if you do!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Weigh In Day

Gah. So I haven't been blogging, or on the message boards, but I managed to drop 1 lb this week! Bringing me down to 168 :)

I went to Edmonton this weekend, and I knew I would indulge when I was there, and I totally did. I had McDonalds......... AND TacoBell. Red Deer doesn't have a TacoBell, so whenever I go to Edmonton its pretty much a given that I will eat some.

Not bad though! I will take any loss, hell, I would have taken no change because of the way I ate this weekend!

I have one exam on Wednesday. Physiology, aka the Devil. I never really paid attention all year, and now it is biting me in my rather large (but smaller than before) ass. Studying is soooo boring, and I have only done maybe 45mins of it. There was one girl on Facebook saying shes already studied for more than 10 hours. WTF?! Who has 10hrs to dedicate to Physiology? Not I my friends, Not I.

I am hoping to get a summer job this year, but chances are looking bleak. They posted some undergrad jobs, and I applied for them, but I didn't work last summer, and then they had to go and change everything to Alberta Health Services, and put a hiring freeze on, so they don't like to hire people who haven't worked in the system before. Yipee. Lucky Me.

Ohhh well, I guess I will just work at Starbucks all summer if all else fails.

Hope you readers have good weigh ins! Skinny Vibes. =)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Weeeeeiiigh In Day

Down 2lbs, Down 2lbs, Down 2 Poooooouuuunds! :)

Woohoo! Feels good. Officially in the 160's. 169 to be exact. Had to retake my points quiz. I will have to track everything this week just to make sure I stay within my new points.

I bought my new outfit today too! Woo! One goal down, 3 more to go!

I am going to Edmonton this weekend, so I also need to save up the Weekly Points, and Rack up the Activity Points so that I can (hopefully) lose this week regardless of the nasty drinking I will be doing this weekend.

Hoping everyone else has a great week.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday Morn

Well, Last night was epic to say the least. It was my year end nursing party, so I drank a bit to much, and maybe danced like a fool.

I have had a pretty good week so far. School is done now! Woohoo! I was voted to be President of the Nursing Students Society for next year, and of course, last night.

I stepped on the scale this morning, even though its not my weigh day! (Shhhh). And to my delight/concern It said that I weighed 168lb... Thats a 3 pound loss since Monday, and I havent worked out aside from my dancing last night.

Could this loss be due to the million times I pee'd last night?

I guess my Monday weigh in will tell me!

Happy weekend & Skinny Vibes!

Monday, April 5, 2010

WI + 5% Star

Woo Woo Woo!!!
I worked really hard last week. I stayed away from McDonalds and all other fast-food joints, I went for not one, but TWO jogs, and the result?

2 pound loss!!!

Bringing me down to 171!!!!!!!!!!! HAVEN'T BEEN THAT LOW SINCE I WAS 15! WOOOOO!! So excited, and so motivated to keep going.

I also reached my 5% Star, which is a nice boost too!

One more pound and I will be at 170. When I make it there it will be 10lbs lost and I can go buy myself a new outfit! Woo!

Do any of you have any mini goals?
Here are mine:

170 - Buy New Outfit
160 - Buy New Summer Dress & Shoes
150 - Hot Stone Massage
140 - GOAL, Get my Hair Done

Sending skinny vibes your way!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April One

Hello Readers,

I wanted to start this post by saying "Thank You" for reading/commenting on what I write. It is very hard to find people who relate when you are trying to lose weight, and when you tell your skinny-best-friend "I REALLY want a Hot Dog" and she says "You dont need a hot dog" it just solidifies the fact that no one else really knows what your going through. So needless to say, I appreciate all your comments, they make me want to keep going and struggle through this.

I am heading into my last week of school next week, which I am REALLY excited for. Im not going to be done yet technically, because I am taking 2 spring courses, but I will officially be 50% done my degree!! WOOOOOO!!!!! Oh man, I hope the last 2 years go by just as quickly as the 1st 2 did!

As for my eating thus far for this week.... Not too bad I'd say. I have tracked 2 full days this week, and the 2 days that I didn't track I made healthy choices on! So I feel pretty good about a loss by next Monday. I am also hoping that now that it is the (long) weekend I can take the time to plan and track my meals and not get careless and go to my favorite fast food place McDonald's.

I literally avoid even driving by McDonald's because when I see it I want it, and when I drive one street over by it, I start to think about it. Pretty pathetic, but if I can stay away long enough maybe my cravings will dissipate.

My goal for April is to lose 8lbs, and I think this is pretty attainable. If I can successfully meet this goal I will be down to 165! Haven't been that skinny since I was 15. I am looking forward to it!

Just a quick update on the brownie pan thing: I FINALLY got a hold of the company. The customer service phone number was down, so I had to call around to get the spanish customer service number, then they told me they didnt ship to Canada, and I was like WTF?! How did I order it then? They then gave me the Canadian number (which is no where to be found on the internet), and I called and sent it back to them, to get my money back. PHEW, What a long process!

Anyways, I have to get back to work on my final self reflection of the year!