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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Brownie Frustration

So like 5 months ago I ordered the Perfect Brownie Pan thing off the TV cause I thought it looked super cool.

Nothing was ever charged to my credit card, and I never received it in the mail. I just figured my order didn't go through.

Well 2 days ago, the order goes through, and I was like "What? When did I buy this?" Only to remember how long ago it actually was.
Today the Brownie Pan came in the mail.

Now, I know I am supposed to be watching what I eat, so I researched and found some "lighter" brownie options, just to try out the pan.

2 hours of cooking later... failure.

The entire thing stuck together, even though I sprayed it all with Pam before starting (like the instructions said). Regardless of the Pam-ing, everything fused into one, and the brownies wouldn't come out of the pan. After 15 minutes of struggle and frustration, 5 of my 20 brownies survived, and the rest were all crumbles.

Why do I even try to bake? Lol.
Tomorrow I will be calling in hopes to get my money back, because it was a total waste of time, and money, and they took forever to send it to me anyways!

On an up note, I have been doing fairly well with food! Caved in and got an everything bagel with herb and garlic, but made up for it by not eating the sandwhich I brought for lunch.

I also made a new desk top image to display my goals, and my 2 favorite quotes, to remind me of why I am doing this. I hope it will be a little extra kick of motivation.

Let me know what you think! If you would be interested in something like this I would be willing to make them for you! You can just comment on here or email me ( Thought it might be nice for other people to get a little boost of motivation too!