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Monday, March 22, 2010

Bad Day, Good Food Day.

Well, my poor decisions last week led to a no weight change this Monday, which is totally understandable. I over indulged last week, and I knowingly did so. Today is BACK ON TRACK for moi. I drank a coffee for breakfast, had a wrap for lunch, a turkey peperoni for a snack, and half a plate of pasta for supper, and an iced green tea lemonade for my after supper snack. Not too shabby.

I also went to hot yoga. Does any one else take Yoga? Oh my gosh it is so relaxing. Took away from all the negativity that happened to me today.

So I woke up bright and early to go and get a coffee from Starbucks (I work there on Weekends), before I had to register for my third year nursing classes. I wanted to switch shifts with a girl, and I had already asked her if it was okay, and she said yes. So I asked my 20 year old manager. Now I am 19 myself, so she isn't too much older than me. Also, I have worked at Starbucks for 3 years, where as she just started last August. Needless to say, she's power tripping. I have a good work ethic, I enjoy my weekend job, and I am great at it. So when I ask to switch shifts she says "We need to talk" in this serious tone. I was like "umm, okay". We go over to the tables and she proceeds to tell me that I havent been completing my job when I have been working with my friend Katelyn (The girl who I would be working with on this switched shift), and that we talked to much when we work together and she has received complaints from staff and from customers.

Complete Shock.

I love working with Kate. She is so fun, and we have fun, and all the regular costumers are like "You 2 are the best workers here". I have NEVER had a single complaint about me in the 3 years I have worked there, and now all of a sudden there are numerous complaints about me? Not to mention Kate and I hadn't worked together in like 2+ weeks, so she could have come to us before this to tell us we forgot something or whatever it is we did "wrong". I was so upset I just said Okay. Next my douche manager told me I had to prove myself to her so that I could work with Kate again.


I have worked at starbucks for THREE years, I have had the same managerial training that she has had, and yet I need to prove MYSELF TO HER? I asked her who it was that said that about me, and she told me she didnt remember. I let that stew as I ordered my drink, and then the rage hit. With tears in my eyes I looked at her and said "I know that I do everything I am supposed to do when I close, so whoever said that about me can kiss my ass." She didnt say anything. She SMIRKED at me.

I was so upset. I left crying from anger, came home, registered for my classes (which is a huge stressor all on its own because all 100 nursing students from my year also register at 830am when it opens and there are limited #'s in the classes). I called the store manager and told him I needed to talk to him.

I went in a little later, and my bitchy manager IGNORED me. So I went and talked to the store manager, bawled by eyes out telling him, and he totally understood (thank god, cause if he hadn't I would have quit, which I don't want to do). He said he would talk to her and she would be calling me to set up a time so we could talk it out. Awesome, just what I want.

Anyways, that was my day. Thank god the Yoga helped, and I feel super good that I stayed OP all day!

Thanks for reading this GINORMOUS post.