healthy |ˈhelθē|adjective ( healthier , healthiest )in good health: : feeling fit and healthy.• (of a part of the body) not diseased : healthy cells.• indicative of, conducive to, or promoting good health : a healthy appetite | a healthy balanced diet.• (of a person's attitude) sensible and well balanced : a healthy contempt for authority.• figurative in a good condition• desirable; beneficial• A conscious choice; A life-long commitment.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Vancouver + New Years Resolutions

Well, I am having a great time. Vancouver is awesome. Lots of shopping, lots to see, lots of neat restaurants, LOTS of walking, unfortunately lots of eating :(

How can I describe it? Its like I am used to a constant state of slight hunger and anything more makes me feel bloated. The choices I have been making haven't been terrible. I have tried to pick low cal, low sodium options, and tried SO hard to stay away from sweets, but I feel unsuccessful.

I am praying to break even. I am praying the gain will only be 1 or 2 pounds.

I am thankful they don't own a scale.


2 more days. 2 more days. 2 more days.

New Years Resolutions:
- Continue being healthy.
- Give back to others.

What resolutions do you have for this year?

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holy Holi-daze

Oh my gosh.

The amount of food ingested by myself in the past 2 days has been nothing short of disgusting. Delicious? Absolutely. Worth it at the time? YES. Wait an hour, still worth it? NOOOOOO. Oh gosh. I feel so gross and bloated.

Now, I am so thankful that 11 months of hard work cannot be undone by 2 bad days of eating, because man on man, I feel NASTY.

Weighed myself today because I am currently en route to Vancouver (staying at the sisters house in Calgary, and I hate using other peoples scales) and I gained a pound. Not surprised. Back up to 146 for a week. I deserve it. I should have made better decisions, but I also understand that I need to live a little and enjoy the holidays for what they are, a holiday. 2 days of the year. Will not unhinge all other healthy decisions I have made.

It is so noticeable though, the way you feel after you eat healthy compared to when you eat shitty. Should be enough to keep me from saying "No" to both desserts, but its not.

On happy note, I went boxing day shopping to try and find some deals on buying a few pairs of new jeans because mine do not fit me anymore. No 8's available.... Uh Oh. Shall I dare try on a 6?

Well.. I did. And lo and behold, it fits. WAIT, WHAT?! They fit.... They fucking fit.

I am a size 6. How incredibly normal... How incredibly... Healthy.

(insert happy dance here)

Such an accomplishment. It is totally enough to help me get back on track (tomorrow!) and to continue. 6 pounds? Pffft. That's nothing.

Going to fly into Vancouver tomorrow. Arrive at 9:30am. Uncle is going to go grocery shopping so I plan on picking up lots of fruits and veggies for the week to help keep me on track and healthy!

I also plan on doing lots of walking, and if it is nice perhaps I will go for a jog in the Vancouver rain :)

Also going to go boarding, so I should be O.K. exercise wise for the week. Not as much cardio, and I don't expect a loss, but I expect to make healthy choices and that is what it is all about.

Hopefully I can keep away from the beer and stick to the vodka. Hopefully. Ha ha.

Wish me luck! Hopefully will stay healthy!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mid Week Check In

As promised :)

Tracking all food = Check
Exercise most days = Check
Limiting of the Beer = Semi-Check

This week is going pretty good so far! Hoping for a loss. I haven't stepped on the scale, maybe tomorrow to see where I am at. I don't think the 2 Christmas dinners will mess me up too bad this weekend as I won't be eating any turkey, so I will just have to watch the potatoes, gravy and stuffing (all my favorites).

Monday, December 20, 2010

Stayin the Same

No change this week, which I suppose is to be expected because I ate out twice and may or may not have drank 6-7 beer. Woops. That beer will getcha every time. Too bad I love it.

I learned to snowboard this week! So. Much. Fun. I would definitely recommend it over skiing any day. It is tough, that is for sure, and I fell A LOT, but I had a great time and I was sore for like 3 days after. Lots of bruises, but I used muscles I didn't even know existed. Haha

Since I am really tight on money right now I had to cancel my online Weight Watchers subscription (not like I really tracked anything anyways), but I am wanting to start tracking again (at least taking not as to what it is that I am eating), so I bought a diary and my goal this week is to write down EVERYTHING I eat. Hopefully that will help me identify prior to making the less-healthy choices and will help me in losing my last 5lb.

That is all on my end. I will probably do a mid-week post to help keep me motivated to track my food.

Monday, December 13, 2010

5lbs till Goal. Oh Em Gee.

Stepped on this scale this fine morning, to see that I have 5 pounds to lose until I reach my goal of 140! This is amazing! This is insane! I CANNOT BELIEVE I AM ALMOST THERE! WOW WOW WOW. Words can't even describe how I feel about reaching this momentous goal. I feel so accomplished, so determined, so incredibly focused, so Healthy.

I worked really hard last week to stay on track. I worked out 4 days in a row and ate pretty good all week. Yesterday I even did 1 full hour of cardio. I have never done that much consecutively, so it was a nice NSV. I also went through all of my clothes and got rid of everything that was too big. WOW. Lots to give away ha ha. I saved one pair of jeans, so that I could try them on in 5lbs and hopefully take a picture to post on here.

I also went in to American Eagle to try on some jeans to see what size I am at because the 3 pairs I currently have that semi-fit are getting too big now. I tried on size EIGHTS! :D Yes! You read correctly! 8! And one of the 8's was even too big, so I tried a 6 on in that style and it was SO close! I can't wait! I was a 14 when I started! That is a drop of 4 sizes. WOW!

I made the promise to myself that I wasn't going to buy jeans again until I was a 6, so hopefully those last 5lbs will come off in the right places ha ha. If not, maybe I will make it an even 10 and go for the tiny 135!

Life is good, Hard work pays off.

Monday, December 6, 2010

New Weight Watchers - CONFUSING :S

Well I just signed on to the New and Improved (???) Weight Watchers to track my weekly weight. Holy man, its a bit confusing. I know that if I just sit down and actually attempt to figure it out it will probably be worthwhile, but I don't know if I want to. I mean, I have been consistently (albeit slowly) losing for the past 10 months, and I was only OP for probably the first 2-3 months. Needless to say I have faced set backs, but I find it SO SO SO hard to track everything I eat. It is hard for me to set aside that time every day to track it and keep points. Not that I go in blind without a plan. I usually have a plan in the morning, but I just don't track it.

Hm. Maybe the last 7 pounds will come off quickly if I track them?! Just a thought. Haha.

So when I lived with my boyfriend, I had a scale, and I really liked the scale we had, it was a manual one, but the numbers were big enough that I could read. When I moved in with my dad I was forced to buy a new scale because the ex kept the old one. It was Ok, but the numbers and lines were REALLY REALLY small and I had trouble seeing where I was. This week I got to pick up the old scale and when I stepped on it (last Tuesday), I was 149lb (2lb's higher than my other tiny numbered scale). Hmm.. that kinda sucks. Whatever. Continued eating good and exercising through out the week. Well! I stepped on the scale today, and I was 147lb on the old scale, so it was a 2lb loss, but I didn't technically change. Haha. Ahh well. I will continue eating good and exercising and hopefully figure out the new WW. My plan will lead to a final success :) Eventually.

Skinny Vibes!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cookies & Cupcakes

Why can't I control myself?

It seems that whenever I feel ahead something pops up, I lose focus, and I eat, and eat, and eat, and eat.

Today started out fantastic. I got up early and went to the gym. It was all downhill from there. Got home, made myself some macaroni for lunch (the last box I will ever buy until I reach goal, I should have known better). Ate the whole bowl. Followed by a Starbucks Coffee. Gross.

Went to Clinical. Today was our 2nd last day and we set up the Christmas Tree at our agency. My clinical partner made cookies (peanut butter, and chocolate chip), and I supplied the cupcakes (chocolate, and vanilla). Needless to say, nearly 12 cookies at 5 cupcakes later, I feel so disgusting.

I finished it off with my salad for supper (good intentions), but holy man, I am so sick of cookies I probably won't be able to eat another one for at least a few months.

Why is it so hard to focus on eating healthy when there is so much else to focus on in life? It is so hard to make it a priority. It seems that if I can't make it to the gym I eat healthy, but if I go to the gym, I start to eat less healthy because I feel like I rationalize it by burning calories during cardio. Does this make sense? No. Of course not. It is extremely irrational. I need to change this mindset. Geeze.

Gonna sleep it off. Tomorrow is a new day.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Choice to go Veg.

So this week I made the decision that I am going to become a vegetarian. It is more or less a transition of my current lifestyle and I think it will be great in boosting my energy and cutting out unwanted fat. Typically, the only meat I ever really cook for myself is chicken breasts, and that only happens once, maybe twice a week. Other sources of meat that I consume occasionally include lunch meat on sandwiches, and turkey at holidays. I don't like red meat, or fish, so I eat them once in a blue moon. The other sources of meat that I eat come in extremely unhealthy forms (hello Ham and Pineapple pizza and McDonald's Big Mac's and Cheeseburgers). I figure that by making the choice to cut meat out entirely, I will be able to make a conscious decision to eat healthy(er) when going out to restaurants, or eating fast food.

So far it has been easy, I like fruits and vegetables and when going to lunch on the weekend I was able to have a pizza with cheese and red peppers and a salad.

I will continue to eat dairy because I love milk and yogurt and cheese, and I will also eat eggs as they are a good source of protein and they are used in almost all grain-based products such as bread and noodles.

I am not doing it for animal rights reasons or environmental reasons, just health reasons.

Weighed myself today instead of tomorrow because I knew I was going to be facing some high sodium, high fat foods at my Safeway Christmas Party tonight. Needless to say I did, and one dipped ice cream cone later I am SO gassy and bloated. Not worth it. I would much rather have had fruit. Next time I will know.

I was 147lb again today. No change. That's ok. I had a high stress week, and I tried to focus on getting through the days. This week will be different.

Here is a picture taken of me before the Christmas Party tonight. 7lbs till goal!

Meal Plan for Tomorrow:
- Yogurt with blueberries and strawberries
- Banana with peanut butter, Carrots and dip, Christmas Orange
- Mixed Veggies with Sauce
- 100 Cal. Fiber Plus Granola Bar
- 1 cup Strawberries

MMmmmm. I love a good meal plan :) Makes me focused.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Healthy BMI

This week was one of my trials on my success. It included the emotional roller-coaster I call school, a McDonald's Binge, a screwed up scrub order that cannot be fixed, ext.. ext..

Needless to say, I wasn't hoping for a loss this week because my stress levels have been through the roof. I tried to watch what I ate, but I knew that I was a little more excessive this week with the Starbucks and the Chocolate to help me get through the day. Not the best coping mechanism, but I will take what I can get.

I also self-diagnosed (Uh-Oh!) myself with Body Dysmorphic Disorder, what is this special gem you ask? BDD is a type of chronic mental illness in which you can't stop thinking about a flaw with your appearance — a flaw that is either minor or imagined (Thank You MayoClinic). Yeah.. I totally have this.. I have had it for years.. I remember the time it started. So now I am going to try to work on identifying my negative perceptions so that I can stop them before they start and try to stay positive.

On a happy note, I had a 1lb loss this morning. That brings me to 147lb, a number which puts me within the Healthy BMI range. YAY! This is so so so huge. I never thought I could get to this place, but I have. 7lb's till goal! Lets do this. =)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

McDonalds Meltdown.

I caved.

It was an emotional semi-meltdown and the McDonalds was right there to make it better.

A Big Mac, Cheesburger, and Medium fries later and I felt like Shit. Who knew I could even fit all that food away still? Not I.

I recognized the emotions immediately after I was done. I had gotten down on myself and I felt out of control and I gave in to temptation.

3 hours and a huge bloat-y feeling later I jumped on the elliptical for 35 minutes, and finished it off with my crunches routine.

Do I feel 100%? No. I still feel like shit for giving in. But I worked on some positive self-talk when I was on the elliptical and I definitely feel better.

This journey needs some set backs right? And I have had my fair share that is for sure, but that is how you learn and how you make a forever-kind-of-change.

How do you overcome adversity when faced with emotional eating?

Skinny vibes to you all.

Monday, November 15, 2010

8lbs till Goal

2lbs lost this week.

1lb away from a healthy BMI.

8lbs from goal.

So motivated.

Healthy eating + exercise 4x week.

That's the plan, lets hope for no plateaus.

Monday, November 8, 2010

30lbs down!


I am down to 150lbs! A mere 10lb from goal, and THREE pounds from a healthy BMI.

When I first started this journey, to be completely honest with you all, I had no belief in myself that I could get here. I was timid, scared, alone, self-conscious, unhappy, un-confident, every negative word, that is what I was. I didn't think that I had it in me to get to where I am.

What changed?

As the weight slowly came off (and trust me, it was a slow process), I started realizing, hey I can do this, I can say no when someone offers me food, I can recognize when I am hungry or just emotional, I can listen to m negative self talk and stop to re-evaluate what I am thinking.

I can do this.

So here I am, 30lbs later, and I know that I will lose the last ten. I have no doubt in myself anymore. I can put my mind to something, and I can achieve it. And you know what? You can too.

Start small, set 5 or 10 pound mini goals, Go for a walk, take the stairs. Every small thing you do will eventually amount to something big.

Don't ever doubt your power. You are in control, not your stomach, not the part of your brain that is addicted to feeling full. The beautiful, healthy person inside you is what is in control.

I am so motivated!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Wow What A Weekend!

Hi Everyone,

So this past weekend I went to a nursing student conference in Saskatoon and it was an absolute blast! I learned so much about myself, my values, beliefs, and my leadership abilities. I was able to go to this conference with 13 other awesome girls and we had a blast!

That blast included eating breakfast out twice, pizza, pizza, breadsticks, and more pizza, all downed with delicious beer and vodka.

Bloated much?

I felt gross coming home, and I knew I should expect a gain. I am not too upset with the fact that I gained this week (154) because I knew it was coming and I am well aware my poor choices are the result of it.

Live and learn, and boy did I ever Live and Learn this weekend! :)

Such a good time, I wouldn't change it for anything!

I am happy to announce that I am very back on track though, and this weekend of bad eating has only further motivated me to keep going.

I did 40 minutes on the elliptical yesterday, and I have Hip Hop tonight and I plan on hitting the gym tomorrow! Bye Bye Beer Bloat :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Weigh Day

Good Morning!

Just stepped on the scale for my Monday Weigh In and I am down 3.5lbs to a whopping 151.5! YES! In 1 and a half pounds I will have reached my next 10lb milestone and I will be able to buy myself a hot stone massage!

Here is the kicker though: I am 5ft 4+1/2in.
In 4.5lb I will have a BMI in the HEALTHY RANGE!!!!!!!! I didn't even think that was possible!

I am 11.5lb away from goal.

I can do this.

You can too.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Its a slow road, but it is one that I can almost see the end of.

I am at 155. 15lbs till goal.

I can do this.

I have been watching what I have been eating and cut down on my sugar and carbs, and have been working out on a regular basis.

I will keep you all up to date, but I know that I will get there this time.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Oh I'mma Changin

Hi Everyone,

Long time since I blogged. Lots has happened in the past 3 (?) weeks. Let me try and catch you all up on the happenings that is my life.

I broke up with my boyfriend. What a huge move. We had been together for 5 years. Such a long time. He is a good man. And he will make some girl very very happy. But I can't be with him right now. Don't get me wrong. I love him a lot, and he is my best friend. He took it hard, and I knew he would. I have never known what it is like to be alone. We were together for 5 (good) years, but I am a different person now than I was when I was 15, and I need to do this for me.

In the weight loss department: No weight gained, no weight lost. Can't complain I suppose with all of the change that has been occurring, working out has kinda been put on the back burner. I did buy the 30 day shred though, and WOW it makes me hurt! I am going to try and do that, as well as run, at least 3 times a week. I have also cracked down a bit on my food intake, to try and cut some cal's there, in hopes to jump start some loss!

I also got another tattoo! On the inside of my foot, I got the word 'Love' in cursive, with 2 little paw prints next to it. It hurt SOOOOO bad, but it was worth it!

Other than that, I bought a new bed, moved in with my dad, and my car broke down. But life is good.

I start school on the 8th, and am looking forward to getting into a solid routine of homework. Yippee!

Here is a question for you readers:

What do you do to stay on track when you are experiencing major life change?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Shoes :)

I weighed myself today, and I am down another pound :) 158, Woop Woop!

Now that I am into the 1 - Fiddy's I got to buy myself 2 pairs of shoes for hitting my next 10lb milestone! I bought a pair of cute black flats and a pair of beige heels. I had seriously been looking for beige heels for months, with no luck at finding any, but today I found a pair at Sterling for $40! Steal of a Deal.

This week I am working 2 day shifts and an evening shift, so it shouldn't be to bad. In between that I need to continue working on philosophy, Lame.

I am going Paintballing on Tuesday, Anyone ever been? I am a big baby, but I am excited, I hope it doesn't hurt too much!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Then & Now

This is just a quick post to show a "Then and Now" shot of how I have changed.

I still have 19lbs, and I imagine that they won't be easy, just as the first 21 weren't, But I have made it more than halfway, I can make it to the rest. This picture is good motivation!

Hey There, Long Time No Blog.

Hello Readers,

It has been a LONG time since my last blog post, and I am very sorry for that, but I kinda fell off plan for a bit, although I didn't gain, my weight loss pretty much halted. So I am BACK now, and I am going to get back into updating every week. Here's whats new with me:

1. I had my 20th birthday. Didn't do anything too exciting, went shopping in Edmonton, and for supper with my boyfriend and best friend.

2. I work Non-Stop. Although I love my job as an Undergrad Nurse, I find that I have no time for ANYTHING anymore, not even my Philosophy course through Athabasca that I have to be done by the end of August. S&*t. I had to drop a few shifts because I was just so exhausted between working full time hours there and then weekends at Starbucks I felt like I was going to pass out from exhaustion.

3. July is almost over. W.T.F. Where has my summer been hiding? Oh yeah, behind work and homework.

4. I have started losing weight again! Woot! Down to 159lbs... which means I get to buy myself TWO new pairs of shoes! YESSSSS.

5. My boobs have shrunk significantly. TMI? Maybe. But I used to be a 36DD, and now I am a 34C. WOAH.

That's it!

Glad to be back and bloggin!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Feeling Good

Down 1lb yesterday. Sure I was hoping for it to be better, but I will take what I can get!

I had my first OP day in like a month yesterday and it felt great! I went to the gym and ran 2.5km (never been able to do that before!) and Stayed within my daily points!

Today is going good too. I went to the gym and did 20 mins on the cross trainer, and I have tracked and planned my food for the day!

Heres to an OP week!

Monday, May 24, 2010


Hey everyone,

So I have been mad busy for the last three weeks, and it has defiantly led to a gain plus bringing back bad habits. NOT COOL. I have had enough of this. I have worked so hard to get to this place, and even though this place isn't where I want to stay, I am not ready to give it up and go back to where I was.

Back on plan starting NOW.

I got another job at a nursing home for the summer doing LPN work, so I have been really busy orientating for that, and I haven't exactly planned healthy lunches for that. This week will be different. No more saying I am going to do something and then not following through.

I bought a 90 day membership for a woman's only gym, and I am going to start working out there tomorrow! I bought a year membership to curves last September and it got really boring, really fast, so I am hoping that this gym can help me not hate going to the gym so much!

Weekly goals:
1. Track Everything
2. Stay away from McDonalds
3. Go to the gym 3 times
4. Go for 2 runs

Questions for you: Have any of you signed up for a gym membership and let it go to waste? What tips do you have to keep your motivation up?

Monday, May 17, 2010


Didn't lose or gain this week.
Gotta push through it.
I'm not going to let this throw me off track, I have come too far to go back to how I was before.

What are your tips for getting through a Plateau?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back on Track(ing)

I made bad bad bad decisions last week. I don't even want to tell you what I all ate, because trust me, its Bad. When all was said and done for the week I was up a pound... Totally expected.

I am not making excuses or anything along those lines, but I was totally busy last week, and although it started out good (with 2 runs), it ended off bad (with many many mini cherry scones in my tummy).

This week is different :) I have been tracking everything that has entered my mouth since my weigh in, and I intend to continue doing that for the rest of the week. I also went for a run yesterday and a walk today.

I started a new job yesterday! I am working as an undergrad nurse (aka just like an LPN) this summer in a long term care facility. I am FINALLY going to be bringing in some big $$$$ (instead of spending it all on tuition!) which is really exciting. Plus the job is like always on my feet, so its nice to be active rather than sitting on my couch doing homework all day.

Anyways that's all from me,
What kind of job(s) do you do? Sitting or standing?
Do you think this affects your weight(loss)?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Onward and Downward

Hey Everyone,

Today was my weigh in day and I was down 1lb! Its a loss, and I will take it, because I defiantly don't deserve to lose any more than that this week.

I may have eaten McDonalds........ and WokBox.

Oh well, it was totally worth it, and I wont do it this week.

Mini Goal for this week: Track EVERYTHING that enters my mouth.

What are your mini goals for this week? Do you find that if you make them you achieve better results?

Monday, April 26, 2010


I met every goal I set for myself last week!

I tracked EVERYTHING I ate, I exercised, and I avoided McDonalds!

The Result? A 3lb Loss! YES!

So proud of myself. I made my April Goal of losing 8lbs, And I am now officially down 15lbs since I have recommitted myself! I don't remember a time when I weighed 165. Its quite exciting! Just 5 more lbs and I will be half way to goal!

How did your weigh in's go?

Thursday, April 22, 2010


So today was my first official day off of school. No more exams, No more quizzes, No more bitchy teachers. It was seriously a FANTASTIC day. Haven't had a day this good in a while!

I slept in till 10:30, and leisurely woke up to no alarm clock. Made myself a delicious breakfast of an English Muffin with an egg, piece of fat free turkey breast, cheese, and onion with light margarine and mayo. Then I went tanning, and to the dog park for an hour long walk with my friend and my 10 month old rottweiler Tucker. From there, I went and bought Avatar (Such a good movie, if you haven't already seen it yet), and when I got home I decided I would run to Safeway to get my Starbucks fix instead of drive.

It is a 2k run, and I am not really in shape, but I have attempted to run it before and in the past I have only made it about 1.5k of running, and the rest walking. But today I ran the entire way!! It felt great, and dare I say I might have been able to continue running if I hadn't stopped to get my coffee?! I ran with my dog, because I am not one who likes to walk around alone (I'm a scaredy cat). I had never done this before, and the run there went surprisingly well. He stayed close, and didn't pull (too bad haha). So when I got there I was a little worried because he is 110lbs huge, and I didn't know where I would tie him up and how he would handle being tied up in a strange place by himself. He really likes people and I thought he would pull and try to get to everyone to get some lovin'. I tied him up to the table outside the big window, and I made him sit, and I told him to stay, and headed inside. I watched from the window the entire time, and he stayed! He didn't move an inch! I went back out after getting my coffee, and two different people came up and commented on how well behaved he was! I was so impressed.

To top it all off, he decided to take a huge poop on the hospital lawn on the way back home, and I didn't have any bags with me, but I aint letting that bring me down! Haha

Tonight I am planning a healthy supper for DBF & I, and then we will settle in with a light beer and watch Avatar.

Anyone else have any NSV's from today/this week? Post em if you do!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Weigh In Day

Gah. So I haven't been blogging, or on the message boards, but I managed to drop 1 lb this week! Bringing me down to 168 :)

I went to Edmonton this weekend, and I knew I would indulge when I was there, and I totally did. I had McDonalds......... AND TacoBell. Red Deer doesn't have a TacoBell, so whenever I go to Edmonton its pretty much a given that I will eat some.

Not bad though! I will take any loss, hell, I would have taken no change because of the way I ate this weekend!

I have one exam on Wednesday. Physiology, aka the Devil. I never really paid attention all year, and now it is biting me in my rather large (but smaller than before) ass. Studying is soooo boring, and I have only done maybe 45mins of it. There was one girl on Facebook saying shes already studied for more than 10 hours. WTF?! Who has 10hrs to dedicate to Physiology? Not I my friends, Not I.

I am hoping to get a summer job this year, but chances are looking bleak. They posted some undergrad jobs, and I applied for them, but I didn't work last summer, and then they had to go and change everything to Alberta Health Services, and put a hiring freeze on, so they don't like to hire people who haven't worked in the system before. Yipee. Lucky Me.

Ohhh well, I guess I will just work at Starbucks all summer if all else fails.

Hope you readers have good weigh ins! Skinny Vibes. =)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Weeeeeiiigh In Day

Down 2lbs, Down 2lbs, Down 2 Poooooouuuunds! :)

Woohoo! Feels good. Officially in the 160's. 169 to be exact. Had to retake my points quiz. I will have to track everything this week just to make sure I stay within my new points.

I bought my new outfit today too! Woo! One goal down, 3 more to go!

I am going to Edmonton this weekend, so I also need to save up the Weekly Points, and Rack up the Activity Points so that I can (hopefully) lose this week regardless of the nasty drinking I will be doing this weekend.

Hoping everyone else has a great week.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday Morn

Well, Last night was epic to say the least. It was my year end nursing party, so I drank a bit to much, and maybe danced like a fool.

I have had a pretty good week so far. School is done now! Woohoo! I was voted to be President of the Nursing Students Society for next year, and of course, last night.

I stepped on the scale this morning, even though its not my weigh day! (Shhhh). And to my delight/concern It said that I weighed 168lb... Thats a 3 pound loss since Monday, and I havent worked out aside from my dancing last night.

Could this loss be due to the million times I pee'd last night?

I guess my Monday weigh in will tell me!

Happy weekend & Skinny Vibes!

Monday, April 5, 2010

WI + 5% Star

Woo Woo Woo!!!
I worked really hard last week. I stayed away from McDonalds and all other fast-food joints, I went for not one, but TWO jogs, and the result?

2 pound loss!!!

Bringing me down to 171!!!!!!!!!!! HAVEN'T BEEN THAT LOW SINCE I WAS 15! WOOOOO!! So excited, and so motivated to keep going.

I also reached my 5% Star, which is a nice boost too!

One more pound and I will be at 170. When I make it there it will be 10lbs lost and I can go buy myself a new outfit! Woo!

Do any of you have any mini goals?
Here are mine:

170 - Buy New Outfit
160 - Buy New Summer Dress & Shoes
150 - Hot Stone Massage
140 - GOAL, Get my Hair Done

Sending skinny vibes your way!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April One

Hello Readers,

I wanted to start this post by saying "Thank You" for reading/commenting on what I write. It is very hard to find people who relate when you are trying to lose weight, and when you tell your skinny-best-friend "I REALLY want a Hot Dog" and she says "You dont need a hot dog" it just solidifies the fact that no one else really knows what your going through. So needless to say, I appreciate all your comments, they make me want to keep going and struggle through this.

I am heading into my last week of school next week, which I am REALLY excited for. Im not going to be done yet technically, because I am taking 2 spring courses, but I will officially be 50% done my degree!! WOOOOOO!!!!! Oh man, I hope the last 2 years go by just as quickly as the 1st 2 did!

As for my eating thus far for this week.... Not too bad I'd say. I have tracked 2 full days this week, and the 2 days that I didn't track I made healthy choices on! So I feel pretty good about a loss by next Monday. I am also hoping that now that it is the (long) weekend I can take the time to plan and track my meals and not get careless and go to my favorite fast food place McDonald's.

I literally avoid even driving by McDonald's because when I see it I want it, and when I drive one street over by it, I start to think about it. Pretty pathetic, but if I can stay away long enough maybe my cravings will dissipate.

My goal for April is to lose 8lbs, and I think this is pretty attainable. If I can successfully meet this goal I will be down to 165! Haven't been that skinny since I was 15. I am looking forward to it!

Just a quick update on the brownie pan thing: I FINALLY got a hold of the company. The customer service phone number was down, so I had to call around to get the spanish customer service number, then they told me they didnt ship to Canada, and I was like WTF?! How did I order it then? They then gave me the Canadian number (which is no where to be found on the internet), and I called and sent it back to them, to get my money back. PHEW, What a long process!

Anyways, I have to get back to work on my final self reflection of the year!

Monday, March 29, 2010

WI Day

Down 1 pound today. Which is 1 pound lighter than 174. I will take it!

I am feeling extremely stressed out about school right now. We are heading into our final 2 weeks of the year, and all the stress is mounting. I am trying trying trying to not take out my stress on food, and when I have felt the urge to eat I drink water instead. So far so good, I have been OP for the past 2 days now!

I'm hoping for a good week. I need a good week.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ugh, Seriously Not Good.

So, I just don't know whats wrong with me... I get to 174, and its like I can't lose anymore. Now, I know that isn't the truth, If I keep with this program and pick up my exercise I know I can lose more. I honestly don't know why I hit this spot.

It's not like I have lost motivation, I still have lots of motivation. Its like I get to a point where I can't tell myself/those around me when they offer me something delicious like McDonalds.

I have tracked EVERYTHING that I have eaten so far this week. I have used up all of my Weekly Points, and I only have 2 Activity Points left.

That being said, I obviously have to stay on track for the rest of the week, to at least remain where I am currently and not gain.

I hope that I can do this... I need to lose weight, I want to lose weight, I don't know whats stopping me.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Bad Day, Good Food Day.

Well, my poor decisions last week led to a no weight change this Monday, which is totally understandable. I over indulged last week, and I knowingly did so. Today is BACK ON TRACK for moi. I drank a coffee for breakfast, had a wrap for lunch, a turkey peperoni for a snack, and half a plate of pasta for supper, and an iced green tea lemonade for my after supper snack. Not too shabby.

I also went to hot yoga. Does any one else take Yoga? Oh my gosh it is so relaxing. Took away from all the negativity that happened to me today.

So I woke up bright and early to go and get a coffee from Starbucks (I work there on Weekends), before I had to register for my third year nursing classes. I wanted to switch shifts with a girl, and I had already asked her if it was okay, and she said yes. So I asked my 20 year old manager. Now I am 19 myself, so she isn't too much older than me. Also, I have worked at Starbucks for 3 years, where as she just started last August. Needless to say, she's power tripping. I have a good work ethic, I enjoy my weekend job, and I am great at it. So when I ask to switch shifts she says "We need to talk" in this serious tone. I was like "umm, okay". We go over to the tables and she proceeds to tell me that I havent been completing my job when I have been working with my friend Katelyn (The girl who I would be working with on this switched shift), and that we talked to much when we work together and she has received complaints from staff and from customers.

Complete Shock.

I love working with Kate. She is so fun, and we have fun, and all the regular costumers are like "You 2 are the best workers here". I have NEVER had a single complaint about me in the 3 years I have worked there, and now all of a sudden there are numerous complaints about me? Not to mention Kate and I hadn't worked together in like 2+ weeks, so she could have come to us before this to tell us we forgot something or whatever it is we did "wrong". I was so upset I just said Okay. Next my douche manager told me I had to prove myself to her so that I could work with Kate again.


I have worked at starbucks for THREE years, I have had the same managerial training that she has had, and yet I need to prove MYSELF TO HER? I asked her who it was that said that about me, and she told me she didnt remember. I let that stew as I ordered my drink, and then the rage hit. With tears in my eyes I looked at her and said "I know that I do everything I am supposed to do when I close, so whoever said that about me can kiss my ass." She didnt say anything. She SMIRKED at me.

I was so upset. I left crying from anger, came home, registered for my classes (which is a huge stressor all on its own because all 100 nursing students from my year also register at 830am when it opens and there are limited #'s in the classes). I called the store manager and told him I needed to talk to him.

I went in a little later, and my bitchy manager IGNORED me. So I went and talked to the store manager, bawled by eyes out telling him, and he totally understood (thank god, cause if he hadn't I would have quit, which I don't want to do). He said he would talk to her and she would be calling me to set up a time so we could talk it out. Awesome, just what I want.

Anyways, that was my day. Thank god the Yoga helped, and I feel super good that I stayed OP all day!

Thanks for reading this GINORMOUS post.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Well, After my super good Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday didn't go well. I didn't track what I ate. So much for that goal.

I find that if I plan out exactly what I am going to eat I do better, and stray less. Its not as if I made terrible choices these past two days, just didn't track it. I am not going to get anywhere if I don't track.

I have done the weight watchers thing before, and when I get to 174 (in the past) I have always lost my way and gained it all back and then some. I can't do this again, I won't.

Tomorrow is a new day, and I pledge to all you readers that I will track my food, and stay within my daily points.

Wish me luck!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Weigh In Day

This morning was my weigh in, and I am down two pounds! Woohoo! 6 lbs down, 34 to go.

Today was a really good day.

I stayed OP, Ate healthy, and went for a 20 minute jog.

My goal this week is to track EVERYTHING I eat.
Wish me luck!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Taco Time

Well, I tried, and failed to get a hold of the brownie people today. This made me extremely frustrated... what do I do when I am frustrated? Eat.

I was unable to talk myself out of just going home to heat up my 6 point Weight Watchers supper. Nope. I went to Taco Time and ordered a Ranch Chicken Burrito meal.

To be totally honest, it was delicious. I enjoyed every second of eating it. This is the first time I have felt "full" in 2 weeks.

I tracked it. It was way too many points, I have gone into my AP's now. But at least I tracked, and at least I have identified the feeling that lead me to eat.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Brownie Frustration

So like 5 months ago I ordered the Perfect Brownie Pan thing off the TV cause I thought it looked super cool.

Nothing was ever charged to my credit card, and I never received it in the mail. I just figured my order didn't go through.

Well 2 days ago, the order goes through, and I was like "What? When did I buy this?" Only to remember how long ago it actually was.
Today the Brownie Pan came in the mail.

Now, I know I am supposed to be watching what I eat, so I researched and found some "lighter" brownie options, just to try out the pan.

2 hours of cooking later... failure.

The entire thing stuck together, even though I sprayed it all with Pam before starting (like the instructions said). Regardless of the Pam-ing, everything fused into one, and the brownies wouldn't come out of the pan. After 15 minutes of struggle and frustration, 5 of my 20 brownies survived, and the rest were all crumbles.

Why do I even try to bake? Lol.
Tomorrow I will be calling in hopes to get my money back, because it was a total waste of time, and money, and they took forever to send it to me anyways!

On an up note, I have been doing fairly well with food! Caved in and got an everything bagel with herb and garlic, but made up for it by not eating the sandwhich I brought for lunch.

I also made a new desk top image to display my goals, and my 2 favorite quotes, to remind me of why I am doing this. I hope it will be a little extra kick of motivation.

Let me know what you think! If you would be interested in something like this I would be willing to make them for you! You can just comment on here or email me ( Thought it might be nice for other people to get a little boost of motivation too!

Monday, March 8, 2010

First Blog Post

Well, This is my first official blog post. I feel like I should say something witty. Oh well, I was never any good with wit any ways.

Today was my weigh in, and I am down 2 pounds to make it a total loss of 4 pounds! Yahoo, only 36 more to go!

I find it really hard to stay optimistic about ever reaching this goal. It seems so far out of reach and so unfathomable to me. I know I should set mini goals and what not, but it is hard. I find that this is my downfall. I get to the 175 mark. Lose any motivation that had me roped in before, and go back up to 185.

This time will be different. This blog will hopefully help me make it different! Please feel free to comment/follow me, and let me know of your blogs so I can follow you. Maybe we will have some commonalities in our journeys?

I look forward to getting used to this, and hopefully doing it on a regular basis to keep me in check.